There's exactly one underwater hotel in the world that really exists and you can go stay at right now

There's exactly one of these in the world that really exists and you can go stay at right now: The rest are vaporware with shiny looking cgi. Don't be fooled, they haven't been built and most won't be.

The Jules is a 4 room research habitat from the 1970s refurbished as a "lodge" for paying guests who want to experience underwater living. There's a second, smaller dedicated lab in the same lagoon, the 2 room "Marinelab" with a spherical glass observatory, remote control ROV, and lab equipment for doing marine bio experiments.

It's $600~ for one person, $300~ each for two, and so on. The cost is split evenly by the number of people, but at the end of the day they need $600 per session to cover operating costs at enough of a profit for it to be worth their time. For a little extra you can go visit Marinelab and take part in some basic experiments, drive the little aquatic robot and so on.

The lagoon it's in has like 5 foot visibility in the Summer due to algae. I recommend going in the winter with a thick cold water wetsuit as the visibility is much much better then. They've sunk a lot of cool stuff like statues, anchors and a couple sealed geocaches to make diving there entertaining.

And for the span of your stay, between dives you return to the habitat, not the surface. imo, that's pretty neat. They also as part of the price will deliver hot pizza or subs for lunch, then a key lime pie in the evening, using waterproof cases.

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Years ago, I lived in a 22' Westerly in a harbor slip that shared bathroom privileges with the office and above water parts of the Jules Verne Undersea Lodge. My buddies and I used to night snorkel the basin all the time to get little lobsters and just damn around in the water. We eventually became friendly with the guy who took care of the lodge, and he told us that if we could free dive it, we were welcome to go in and check it out.

The moon pool is about 35' - 40' under and without weights we needed to blow out most of our air to get down there to hunt around for the opening. Guests at that time used snuba (regulators on long tubes to a land based tank or compressor) to get in, but that was the early 90's. Who knows what they do now. The place is as pictured and a little weird, but I can't stress how much of a bad ass it feels when emerging from a moon pool into an underwater room. It was a little scary to do the unaided surface dive though... There were bubbles rolling around under the flat surface of the building that made it difficult to see the moon pool.

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No shit, it was built as a laboratory originally. So it's gonna be a bit spartan. You don't go there for luxury, you go to a 5 star hotel for that. This is for people who want the experience of living in one of these structures for a short time.

Thee are actually a pretty good selection of these, or similar, type "hotels."

The last two, Poseidon and Water Discus, do not exist. The Ithaa is a restaurant which can be converted temporarily to a bedroom and is connected to the surface by staircase. Utter Inn and the newer, nicer sequel to it designed by the same team are floating structures with one room below the water line. Jules is still the only actual fully submerged structure with not just bedrooms but bathroom with shower, kitchen and ev3rything else needed to live comfortably at depth for as long as you are willing to pay for.

I do not work for them. I usually trip as Aquanaut. Undersea technology and especially manned habitats are an obsession of mine.

what pressure do you guys use to inhale?
i would be nervous that that tank is under immense pressure and the regulator would fail and POP goes your lungs.

damn no that thing is a death trap, what if that water fills the whole thing?

It can't, the air inside is at the same pressure as the water outside, unlike in a submarine.

I don't work for them. Just thought it'd be something you hadn't seen before.

there is a hole in the structure, please explain how it won't just fill up and kill everyone if there is a wave or something.

This made me lol. Hold an empty cup upside down and submerge it in a sink or tub. How does the air remain in the cup, forcing the water to stay outside? Magnets!


neat find op

Marine lab, observatory bubble

This looks fun. Just not $600 fun. The rest looks like the inside of a 1970s RV.

I would do this if I were loaded and had money to waste, as this is probably the closest anybody can get to visiting a space station. But when people picture "underwater hotel" they imagine something much brighter, cleaner, more futuristic looking and with way bigger windows and better views.

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