Meeting girls in Manila, The Philippines

I'm an Australian planning to head over to Manila in December for 10 days, after I graduate. I'll be going by myself and I was hoping you guys had some tips about a travelling there by yourself for the first time.

I'll be staying in the Pasig region, as I have a 'friend' who lives nearby. Basically any tips you guys can give me in regards to safety and general information to make it more enjoyable.

Also, is $1000AUD enough for 10 days? This isn't including accommodation, it's purely spending money and food and stuff.

Thanks in advance!

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Watch your wallet, stuff will get swiped and handed off 3 times before you realize its gone. You definitely will be a target if they see you with a load of money. Get a money belt that goes underneath your clothing. Manila is the biggest hole mega city in the world, you will be culture shocked at first but it gets more annoying after a few days. Try and get to the province or even Palawan. People are friendly and you will just spend a whole lot less.

This too many thieves in Manila

year of 2013, wearing a money belt
Cash in the left pocket, right pocket, back/side pocket with zipper holds more cash, credit card and ID. Double breasted safari shirts for extra pockety goodness, if you can pull it off. The best travel shorts have pockets with zippers and/or velcro keeping them shut. Often boardies are good like that, zippered pockets to keep stuff in while you surf... and they're nice and cool in the heat.
Also, no carrying a wallet.

How many expatriates live and work in Manila making loads, and go out hitting the piss in Malate/Makati every other weekend... do you honestly think any of them are wearing money belts?

even if you sealed in that stuff they're still gonna rip their way through, even all Flip knows Manila is the breathing ground for Pickpockets really best bet is to connect a flight to Palawan or Boracay, nuff said

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australian here,

been to PI alot. My brother married one...

OK.. first things first. you are being scammed.
Also prepare for culture shock.
DO NOT GO FOR SEX, it is available, but only losers and desperate go their and ruin lives.

2nd. Manilla, is.. erm.... ok... like others have said, there is not much to see. Its a MASSIVE CITY. nothing but malling. Makati is better... Actually the Philippine Goverment should advertise their own country better, its pretty much one of the best fashion shopping venues in the world.

I spent 6 weeks there, on my own, cruisng around Comembo (east Makati), and Makati proper. I never once felt threatend except for once when I was in back alleys on my own and suddenly no one was around except some dodgy looking kids staring at me. And another at Cebu where a Finnish dude nearly started a fight with some local guys on a beach playing pool over a lady boy (was bad, the owner of the pool table road me home so I didnt get stabbed)

Do not take your phone (use a watch, watches are cheap and liked over there). wear shorts with buttons on the back pockets.

Expect girls to blush at you.. (they did for the first time, and after a while, they knew I knew the place and ignored me)
Do no hang out in rizal parade or whatever its called, (they call everything Rizal) burgos street is better (matrix bar, has good pool tables and a mix of tourists)
Dont go to their zoo's unless you wanna be shocked at how asians treat animals.
Food is bad..... like really the worst ever. I like bacolad Chicken tho. (was 1st white person to eat at 24hr soup kitchen in Comembo)

actually, just leave makati and go straight to a province...
better beaches, better everything.. they just have no idea of tourism unless your German.

I have said lost of bad things about the place. but 1000's of Aussies go there every year. so Its really not that bad. I go for Scuba diving and Family. and I will be going back again..

It is asia after all.....
Negros (province)

traffic laws like ours dont really exist

What's the go with jeeps? Safe enough?


they wont let you travel in them,

Taxis are ok. but generally the best mode of transport is Gypnees (WW2 american jeeps)

8 peso last time I was there. only down the one route, so you may need 3 or 4 to get one place.
(have correct change)

strawberry hills
(you can pick strawberrys there, its also higher up so alot colder, and the local filos shorter)

How does having sex with a filipina ruin lives?

Book and pay for your hotels through AsiaTravel---they send a voucher to produce at your hotel---keep a copy to be safe. Carry some cash, fairest money changers attached to western union offices---good rates. Get travel cash cards and load with $US---withdraw reasonable amounts because it costs fees---if you buy Philippine Pesos before you go, you can only take 10,000 into the country legally but you can take 10,000 of whatever other currency----get some pesos for use when you land or just accept the airport exchange rates. There is plenty to see in and around Manila---Fort Santiago, Intromuros, Paco Park, Ocean Park aquarium, China Town, Grand Venice Piazza Mall at Taguig----friday night in Makati, go to A Venue, Baga Market---great food and live music---Sunday Morning go to Legaspi Square market---plenty to see and great food----go to Greenhills to shop for souvenirs or if you have a local with you, go to Baclaran Markets---check out Baclaran Church----the place is full of history---treat the people well and they will treat you well---only use taxis that will use their meter and have an up to date meter certificate----you can download an app called Grab---use it to get a quoted fare for your trip and book---drivers will contact you and if you accept them, they arrive---pay that quoted fare----cheaper than taxis ,

- OK. Make sure you have her address and phone number (maybe even that of her parents) on you (also need this for Customs).
- I never stayed in pasig, but Studio 18 looks decent. Perhaps book for 5 nights, and then you can see if you want to stay at her parents for the remainder.
- Maybe ask her to pick you up at the airport? (by taxi)
- I take it you have skyped with this girl?

- I have all the addresses/phone numbers
- We were thinking the same thing. Her parents know I'm coming, but we haven't asked if I can stay there. I figured it's probably easier on them if I find my own place. Studio 18 is only 3km from her place anyway.
- We've already agreed on her picking me up from the airport; taxis are just for getting around town and to/from her place.
- Skype video chat every single day for the last 11 months.

You're young and inexperienced, and have never traveled to the PI before. On the plus side, you don't have much money.

Please realize that the odds are 99 out of 100 that this girl does not have the same goals/expectations you do. This is not to say she'd a bad person, just that she doesn't have the same opportunities you do. PI is truly a bad place for all but the wealthiest families. I've been there 30+ times and know what I'm talking about.

I truly hope you've found the lucky 1%, really I do. But please keep your eyes open and your wits about you and make no promises before you leave. And be sure to use a condom if you have sex with her -- the PI is very catholic and abortion will not be an option. In fact, an unwanted pregnancy may not be so unwanted after all...

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listdude here. good to see this is still going!
When you order San Mig's make sure you say Pilsen, other wise they might give you a 'light' (dunno why this is). Personally i prefer Red Horse. When you visit people they might want you to try Tuba (palm wine). Only drink this when you completely trust the people. Just sip it a bit, its usually not that good. Dont get drunk.

Its kind of a taboo in some families / circles (also because of religion), but at the same time most men drink and there are a lot of alcoholics. You should be able to tell though.

Also, and i cant believe nobody mentioned this so far:
Pasalubong = homecoming gifts

If you want to be accepted in Filipino, look into this. Bring gifts (mostly food: cookies, cake, candy) .... always. Even if its this the first time you meet her family. (remember that filipino families are often big though).

Baguion here.

Safety and Cash

Always secure your passport, visa, and credit cards. Lots of guys get hit especially some Europeans. Always have paper money available, ALWAYS.


Manila taxis are a tough bunch combined with traffic and you'll be shelling a lot of dough. The farther you go outside from Manila the lesser they become except for Baguio were there's a ton of them.


Solid mode of transportation. Always go up front, you can talk with the driver to drop you off to your stop plus you're safer in that spot. You can converse with them in English as long as you keep it simple.


You can buy a prepaid sim to around P20 to P300, anything higher and it's a ripoff. PROTIP: Buy it outside establishments (malls, hotels, airports) since it's cheaper. International texts are around P15/text I think, calls are a TON higher.

Don't listen to this person OP. Get Smart SIM. They have cheap unlimited data offers.
>smart. com. ph/prepaid/offers/data/2013/07/01/unli-surf-300

I use smart Everytime I go over: but I also have a relative who works for them.

I was told to avoid Smart as they have 'bonus' services which chew through your credit really quickly.

When you're enlisted in their packages there isn't any more deductions. Problem is that calls sometimes get dropped but overall it's a solid choice.

she will have been skyping other foreign guys at the same time.

remember that every Philippino is only after one thing, a visa out of their country and money.

That said, spend the week her as much as you can, WEAR a condom! (Philippinos dont use them much!) if she's crap when you arrive take off and stay around Makati and go to the bars on P Burgos Street.

shopping at Greenhills for everything fake is good.

just know that the people in that country can be dumb, they will all lie to your face too.

I understand that's a pretty common thing, though she appears genuine and I have reasons that make me believe it's more than a green card deal. I'm not going to try and make you see it my way as your skepticism is well justified. I'm not going to send her money and stuff, I'll play it safe. Best case scenario, I get a lasting relationship out of it. Worst case, I get a life lesson and a holiday.

genuine women dont meet foreign men over the internet. not pilipinas anyway!

dont do your nut, the country is full of millions of women that will all bang you no matter if youre fat, retarded, whatever.

just show the pesos.

make sure a taxi driver will use the meter as soon as you get in, if he says it doesnt work or makes up some nonsense, just get out ASAP. there are a million others to take.

if anyone tries to rob you there, snatch, pick pocket, whatever... dont fight back! just hand them your wallet if they pull a knife/gun, read up on the news about anyone that ever fights back. its you vs everyone in the area.

go to Wendy's and get a baconator (im from aus too, so no wendys here)

WEAR a condom! (Philippinos dont use them much!)
Lel. Philippines has one of the lowest incidences of STDs in the world. The HIV/AIDS rate here is 1/6th that of the States.

Only use a condom if
- You're banging a lady
- You're a premature ejaculator worried about impregnating her

he's meeting a 'lady' that works in Pasig or lives there, that he met on DIA, who is dragging him there to hook him.

she's not going to be a virgin. most likely a lady or casual sex for money to pay rent girl.

Plus Philippinos are dirty , the whole place is a dump. People sleeping in mud and stuff, the whole country is like visiting a garbage dump.

Naw mang, you've got it all wrong. I didn't meet her on one of those sites and she's too you to prostitute.

you don't meet philippino women on legit sites that arent ladies. Doesn't matter the age. Fake ID cards are also rampart over there.

read up the horror stories of her then getting arrested by the cops, and sold off

be careful and do not trust ANYONE, especially her

As much as your sheltered brain wants to disagree, some (most) women are because they choose to be. Money is a powerful motivator, and, hard to come by in worlds not as privileged as yours

Also it's only silly virgins who think sex is a huge deal and should be 95% of someone's life. Some people don't care about sex that much and can sell their bodies for a profit without believing their life to be ruined forever

been to manila twice in a year with my australian girlfriend.

place is a total hole, never seen anything like it. every single taxi driver will try and rip you off, bars, everywhere, it's all one huge scam.

the people see you as a walking ATM machine.

That said I stayed in Gujio Suites for 40 AUD a night and room was nice! in Makati so CBD, which isnt a total dump like the rest of manila is

Go to Cebu and rurals. Nothing scam . Honest experiences. Travelled twice there.

Stay in Makati area just to be safe

For cheap girls in Makati you can look anywhere. But I agree, it is a total hole, and it's not worth it to go to Makati.

Thanks heaps for all of the info! Honestly, the poverty and run down areas don't bother me much. I'm just happy to be out and doing something. I've been told to avoid the street food as supposedly, most street vendors will recycle unfinished meals. Is that true? I assume Bicol is where the sunken cemeteries are?

Thanks for all of the warnings; they've all been heeded. You've been a great help.

You’re welcome.
Yeah, a lot of street vendors recycle their food. If you’re going to take a risk, consider the vendors near the schools (universities) and churches.
I’m not exactly sure if there any sunken cemeteries in Bicol. Maybe you’re talking about the one in Camiguin (just googled that now lol) – which is down south.
If you want something similar, Sagada has the hanging coffins – cemeteries built into and within the mountain walls.

She might be in a better position to answer every one of these questions for you!

Also, Manila, not that bad. Just asia, really. Philippines coastal areas are pretty sweet though. And you're hard pressed to find a bad meal anywhere, pinoys can cook, dude. I'd risk all failures for the chance of pinoy chef wife.

This is nonsense, Pinoy food is highly overrated. Most pinoy ladies cant cook, they have no knowledge of cooking, nutrtion or their ingredients what so ever, and often destroy any traditional dishes that have potential. Especially when you're round manilla. When you go up north, Round baguio, or to the other islands you will find good sea food though.

i meant baguio has good food (fresh ingredients yo), and people know not to overcook it (biggest problem).

overall, filipinos use too much salt, sugar, flavor enhancers. and tend to overcook everything.

Thankyou, sir, I'm so glad you can correct me on all of my personal experiences.

Without your valuable input I'd be doomed to be stupid forever.

don't eat Lechon, (BBQ pig) it's bad.
Don't eat Ube cake, it's bad.
Don't eat any of the fried chicken, it's also stuff.
Don't wander around Manila and buy whatever looks good, because be warned, it's all bad.

Also, you should probably jus order MacDonalds now, because your GFs family won't be able to cook

Ok, I get that your remarks to him are sarcastic, but what's the go with your food recommendations? Legit or not?

Flip here, I can confirm the guy you're mad about is correct. Sure there is some great food in the Philippines but there's a widespread phobia of fresh ingredients to the point where a lot of people just boil everything to a horrid mush, salt it to hell, and drench it in vinegar. It's disgusting and we shouldn't make excuses.

Also that guy who thinks he's met his internet waifu is in for a rude surprise. I'm not sure whether to laugh or try to talk him out of it but he looks pretty far gone so he's probably .

We should encourage him to continue posting so we can watch the train wreck in progress.

How expensive is travelling within and between the Phillipines and other SE Asian countries? Assuming accommodation and meals are mostly covered, how long will ~$3000 last just travelling around and living basically? 3 months? 6months?

Thought I'd just post here rather than make a new thread

Air asia flies out of Manila from both airports now, so provided you

find out for yourself.

Thanks, but I was thinking more in terms of travelling overland bus bus and train or by boat between islands

buses cheap, jeepneys very cheap. You'll probably have to ask around to find someone who can tell you which one to get on.
Pinoys are typically pretty friendly, you could legitimately just show up in a port town and ask around until you figure out what's what.

Nearly everything is cheap in RP.


What about travelling by boat between Phillipines, and Malaysia? How long do you think $1500 USD would last?

You can fly for $100, or a heap less if you book early.

Seriously, boat? Do you hate life that much? Unless super south to Borneo, but mostly bad

The locals will see you as a walking ATM and will try to drain your money dry with scams and stuff.I was born, raised, and still live in Manila, and trust me, this place is a hole which I'd want to get out of soon. Go to Palawan or Boracay instead (Boracay's the more touristy one)

i was panama, flying back to london
buy 2 bottles of 12 year old flor de cana rum
they wrap it with that airport security stuff
connection in madrid
rum taken off me before boarding flight to london despite big argument and security seals

In situations like this, whats stopping you from finding the nearest sink and pouring it out? least keep those people from drinking your delicious rum.

first reaction i would have. , leave the customs line, pop the cork/screw, take a swig, pour the rest and hand them the bottle
then again i've heard of this happening in other parts of the world as well

don't go to Manila it's one of the greatest stuff holes. rather fly directly to boracay or Palawan... if you happen to stay in Manila though, go to pink Manila hostel.

Not really. They only consider whites as 10/10. I'm Indian and I was shunned by every filipina I came across.

No one wants Indian men :_;

Are you sure? I've got a work buddy who married a Filipina. He's Bangladeshi and has studied and worked here in the Phils for quite some time. Honestly though I rarely see Filipinas going out with Indian/Arab dudes, only white guys.

At least the 20+ yr old guys know how to pick a hot chick. Some of the older white guys pick Filipinas that some locals wouldn't even tap when paid.

That's true, the only women who want Indian men are Indian women. Even Indian women often have to be forced to marry them via arranged marriages. If Indian women ever get freedom and choice like Filipinas have then Indian men would be totally up shit creek.

The advice given to me about Manila was don't spend your time in Manila. It's a big stuff city. Go to the islands and stuff

If you're ok having your new "legit" girlfriend come from this place, you're better than all of us.

Manila is a hole

Yes, because all of Manila is like that.

Oh, I'm still here. I'm going to bed. I'll keep you guys updated further along.

I chose December because it's meant to be the cooler time of year.

Manilan here, stay as short as possible, go to Palawan

Never been to Palawan. Would like to go for the diving.
Isn't the bottom part of it Muslim tho?? And they kidnap people and behead them?

Palawan is the north east boarder of the Philippines. go to el nido for diving from what I've heard.
all the haters in this thread. he might have run into a online lady, but I've met a lot of welcoming, friendly and awesome pinoys which I'm still in contact with. (they are all rich though).
best bet, go to boracay and stay at frendz, or go to Palawan. maybe cebu for diving. spend as less time in cebu city though and if you have to go straight to tr3ats which and avoid cebu guesthouse. cebu city is basically a hole and the nightlife is crap as well.

I'd rather cancel my flight though since rainy season. as I mentioned before try staying at pink Manila guesthouse. the owner Crissy is awesome.

Hey guys,

I'm going to Phili in October and I was wondering if I could get general advice. I'm Filipino, but I grew up in Canada. I can speak perfect tagalog but with a bit of an accent.

I like to really experience culture when I travel, but is it a bad idea for me to tell people that I'm Filipino? Should I just say that I'm Thai or Cambodian? Honestly, I know how sneaky flips can be.

Also, I'm not attracted to asians AT ALL...unless they're mixed. Where would one go to meet white/asian girls? (not necessarily talking about paying)

Also, I'm planning to tour the whole country intimately over about 1-2 this a bad idea? Family always insists on how dangerous it is, but I sort of want to do it anyway and I'm not sure how much of their fear is just from being people that don' travel.

Been to manilla lots of times (also extended periods), by myself and with filipina wife.
- Manila is huge, and there is nothing to see for you in most of it.
- Malls are basically the only thing i could advise:
Greenbelt in makati, Robinsons (malate), Mall of Asia or MOA .
- During day you could visit Intramuros, Ocean park / oceanarium
- Makati is a relatively clean, safe and modern business district (also walkable)
- and Fort bonifacio near/in taguig, close to makati.
- Malate is bit run down, can be fun, but also shady
- metro system in manila is decent but limited: just two lines around the city , and avoid during rush hour

1. get a Lonely Planet, Read general info about areas and transportation before you travel.
2. Try to use ATM's in up scale malls/buildings
3a. Put some emergency money in different places
b. Same goes for copies of passport, adresses, phonenumbers etc.
4. Taxis will try to hustle you: insist on meter before you get in/leave, never use a broken meter, pay max 200 for fixed price, know where you are going - let them know too (even better if you can tell them what route to take), never tell them it's your first time. Avoid rush hours
5. Jeeps are easy to use, but skip them if you havent used (or traveled that route) before. (you need to recognize your surroundings)
6. get an extra phone and local simcard.

Basically, my Filipina girlfriend wants to take me back to meet her parents, but due to how crowded their house is, I figured I'd be better off finding my own place to stay. Not only that, but it's good to have somewhere to go should they get sick of me.
I've spent some time in SEA before, so I understand the locals will follow me with dollar sign eyes.

Also a few questions after reading these,
- Generally speaking, are the locals well versed enough that I could get around by myself?
- Everywhere I read says to get the yellow taxis, and avoid the white, or vice versa. Which is correct?
- I've read on that there was a fair bit of card skimming in March. Is this still a big problem?
- Are there any prepaid sim providers that have reasonable data charges? Globe seems to be the best provider, but their data charges are ludicrous. Also, is it possible to buy the simcard at the airport, and do I need to provide any documentation to register it?

I've heard the taxis to avoid are the ones with a new paint job, regardless of color

Maybe get a hotel for the first few days, but visit her parents / her during day. See how it goes. Should be a good experience.
Generally speaking, are the locals well versed enough that I could get around by myself?
Locals all speak english, and should be able to help you. I try to stick with the mall/store security and Jeepney callers/stuffers for instructions
Everywhere I read says to get the yellow taxis, and avoid the white, or vice versa. Which is correct?
If i remember correctly, Yellow is for Airport taxis. These are more expensive, and tried to scam me as well, but less often. In the city its mostly white though, so doesnt matter.
This is a problem, thats why you should stick to ATMs at guarded places (malls) or inside banks.
you can buy sim at airport, i think you only need to show an ID

what about getting a couple of prepaid visas? not 100% sure if itll work there but it will help if the ATM/eftpos is dodgy looking

Never used those. But you dont really need them. Just get some money at the airport, dont touch your emergency stash, and refill at any clean / neat / secure place.

Even though most of Manila is stuff, all malls / department stores, and chains, have security - so it should be hard to find a ATM that isnt dodgy

Good thinking. My parents have an empty account that they out all their spending money in when they head overseas, but that might be less hassle. Pardon what is probably a retarded question, but if I stick a debit card into an ATM, what happens? The balance will be in AUD, but will it convert it, or do I have to convert the cash before I go and leave the pesos in the account?

from what i remember:
withdraw money in local currency
amount is deducted from your account at their exchange rate
ridiculous fee added even if you're a member of the same bank back home

i'll retract my statement about pre-paid visas, get yourself a 28 degrees card, load it up and get some AUD exchanged at the airport on arrival

Eh, Aussie bank exchange rates are generally pretty good.

I've also spoken to Filo girls online. One girl seemed pretty legit (she models now or something) but she was also a mega catholic and didn't want my money.

She's probably in it for the visa bro. Sorry.

- ATM's only have local currency (in any country).
- The fee is a bit high but not shockingly so (200php , = $6 aud perhaps?)
- i would get 5000 php at a time. (in your case, maybe once or twice)
- 1000 $AUD is more than enough for 10 days, especially if you're with locals.
- creditcards are handy for hotels, emergency etc

7. Avoid street food like the plague
8. if you have a backpack, put the zippers all the way down on one side, and lock them with a carabiner
9. No need to be paranoid, or rude.
10. ignore beggers, street kids, people calling you "joe"
11. dont dress like a tourist dumbass

This dude has covered pretty much every tourist thing there.

There is also a massive club (maybe gone?) off to the east of makati near market! Market! (A mall, I used to go play Soul Calibur 2 there). Anyway, club gets all the rich and famous types.

Awesome pool halls too.
Steam train ?? (Something train) to the south of greenbelt, is awesome. Don't drink, don't play haha. Plus karaoke.

What's the go with alcohol there? Last time I was in Bali, they had a big problem with I think it was ethanol poisoning. Obviously you wouldn't drink something someone hands you, or something you didn't open yourself, but other than that, are the clubs alright to drink at?

Bali has ethanol problems because the locals can't afford the taxes on quality booze.
No such problems in Manila.

I just drink San Miguel Pales there anyway, it's as safe as houses.

just don't put your credit card over the bill or you'll end up owning half of P Burgois.

Always pay for your drinks as they come. Don't dispute a bar bill in the shady bars, they have more mates on call than you can find in a week.

Guys that was methanol, ethanol is potable alcohol, methanol will make you retarded and blind. It's what they put in methylated spirits to stop people drinking it.

So... if they didn't put it in it would be safe to drink?

So... if they didn't put it in it would be safe to drink?
Maybe, maybe not--nobody's actually sure if pure industrial methanol (which is toxic) was deliberately added to the drinks in question, although some articles make it sound like it was, or whether it was just badly-fermented local arak (palm moonshine, more or less). Methanol is a natural byproduct of most ethanol distillation, but it's removed during the distilling process. Cheap local spirits regularly get added even to top-shelf imported booze in Bali, because alcohol taxes are incredibly high in Indonesia and local arak is cheap. Unfortunately, not all arak is well distilled, so some of the cheap local hooch is probably at least slightly poisonous. Don't drink the cheapest cocktails you can find in Bali (buy your own bottles at a duty free venue, or drink in high-end bars, expecting to spend a lot of money), and you'll be fine. However, this is a Bali issue rather than a Manila issue, so he is probably OK either way.

I drink San Miguel Light.
Is kinda like pure blonde.

Red horse is pretty brutal it's nice but not the best.
Gold eagle is horrific.

Tanduay rum is cheap as, Tanduay Superiour is my favourite rum in the world. It's a Shame no one exports it.
12 year rum for $4..
I think society would crumble if rum was that cheap here, or we'd have a damn tonne of alcoholics.

Seriously, only $4? Am I able to bring some back with me

Yes. Maye two bottles. Depends on what their custom rules are currently.

You cannot buy it in the airport. Buy it in Landmark or virtually any decent bottle shop.

Looks like this.
I've had 3 lots of relatives to over and try to buy it in the airport and they can't, much to my annoyance.

you said " cheap AS", so I'm guessing that you're Australian.

I heard Australia was expensive, but rum must be cheap eh?

It is expensive, rum is expensive, and we have a tonne of alcoholics.

I don't know what any of you are on about.

Tanduay rum is cheap when compared to what Australians pay for Bicardi, or Bundaberg, or any of the others we have available, due to the taxes our government imposes.

So $4, compared to $40
I consider that cheap.

If you wanna bang any of the locals then online game is the easiest way.

And you'll be hard-pressed to spend 1kAUD in 10 days in the Phils...

Finding women isn't an issue - the main reason I'm going there is to see one in particular and that's already sorted. Thanks for the heads up though.

Have you went yet I'm thinking of going in fee months. Txlandscap@msn.Com email me

Really, I can't tell when you wrote it comment.... I have been there yet....... I'm looking on going in Sept.... thought maybe you need a wing man., I can't tell when you wrote it comment.... I have been there yet....... I'm looking on going in Sept.... thought maybe you need a wing man.

Thats more than enough, but You'll never be in Philippines if you haven't been to Palawan.

I grew up in Manila.

Most of the shared information above is true, although there are some that are overexaggerated.

-foreigners, especially Caucasians, are normally treated as gods. You're also going to be a big target for criminals, especially pickpockets.
-start with taxis, then learn to lvlup to jeepneys (way cheaper). Disregard buses and trains, especially if you're claustrophobic.
-big alcohol brands are normally safe.
-most locals know a fair bit of English.
-Greenhills probably has it. Just watch your belongings in there. Also, learn to bargain (ask your girl for help on this one; they're stingy with foreigners).
-most of the food is actually overdone. Or 'underdone'.
-traffic is terrible. Willing to bet it's one of the hardest cities in the world to drive around in.

-not all of us are out to get out of here. Some of us *gasp* want to stay and make a difference.
-only the capital (and maybe the southern islands) is a dump. The rest of the archipelago is decent, if not, underrated.
money belt
-sex isn't that bad if you know where to find the qt3.14 rich girls (eurasians). I think he is talking about the clubs at Fort Bonifacio.
Yes, the club gets all the rich (clean and well-scrubbed) kids. Just show them ya moves.

-try not to be intimidated when you first step out of the airport. Thieves take note of scared-looking tourists
-WATCH YOUR BACK AT NIGHT. Holdup brigades out of nowhere; cops don't do stuff.
-some street food is actually pretty good. In the end it's up to you whether you want to avoid all street food. Just be discerning.
-check on your backpack every now and then. Locks don't stop the thieves from silently slashing your pack open.
-Boracay is nice but it's slowly getting worse. Trash, ladies, conmen, etc. You'll be better off at another beach.
-Speaking of beaches, Palawan is the best IF you're a walking ATM.
-Baguio's an alright alternative; it's been pretty crowded lately, though.
-Luzon general: Banaue has the rice terraces, Sagada has yoghurt, Tagaytay and Bicol have active volcanoes, Ilocos has food, Bataan and Corregidor
have the memorials. Seriously man, stay away from the capital.

Manila's a chaotic city, and I'll be honest, it's one of the worst capitals in the world.
Rampant poverty, corruption, and in-your-face consumer culture; you can really feel the great divide between the rich and the poor.
Then again, I did grow up there, so I do have a bit of a soft spot for the city; despite the conditions, most of the (poor) people are optimistic
and good-natured at the end of the day.

One last fair bit of advice: most Filipinas will consider any foreign male mate (regardless of looks, stats, etc.) a godsend.

Be careful m8.

Just curious. Is this your first time abroad?
How old are you?

we wrote a post helping guys meet girls that aren't hookers here:

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