How is New Sealand as a place to live?

So how is New Zealand? As a place to visit? As a place to live? As an expatriate?

It always seems like such a peaceful place full of Victorian architecture in movies.

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I was only there for 28 days myself, but I loved every minute of it. The people are awesome (love the accent) and friendly. First night visiting a friend threw me a party and invited all his bros in Auckland and I've never had as much fun. I definitely loved the south island more.

I too am currently trying to find a way there via worker's visa, but if that fails I'll just end up marrying my kiwi. Though I'd rather get there on my own merits than use her as a golden ticket.

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i grew up in new zealand and spent most of my time in wellington.
new zealand as a whole is very beautiful and offers a lot for someone who spends a significant portion of their time outdoors.
the current political and economical climates really do lend it more of a holiday vibe: work is relatively hard to find and pays worse than the same job in australia.
i currently live in england and have met many active people who express a desire to move to new zealand to retire.

Victorian architecture
not really.

For visiting its fine, especially if you like the outdoors - the cities are not that great and are no reason to come for by themselves.

Nz has a unique style of native bush (forest) with lots of endemic trees and shrubs, with a subtropical style and feel.

It is a good place to live generally, but not as advanced as other countries, and things like buses etc can often not run on time.
Foreigners are generally welcome.

WorknTraveller here currently laying in a bed in the house of my wooging host
While NZ was probably cool and wonderful a few years ago it feels like it is going downhill. Its nothing difficult, special or interesting left in this country due to all these hostels, bus tours, boat tours and this commercialization. Its still beautiful though if you visit it during the summer. If you are german you can take a look at my blog if you like.

True, but they also have stood up to the US before. The USA cried hard about NZ banning nuclear subs and ships from their waters.';s_nuclear-free_zone

I fell in love with an NZ lass while I was there. Had to leave her behind, alas. I'll never find another ewe.

No depression in New Zealand!
Everything's fine!
Look, Lord of the Rings!

its like norway
but on the other side of the planet

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