Train hopping and hitchhiking across the U.S

Recently a friend of mine invited me to go train hopping and hitch hiking across the U.S. I'm going with him, but i don't have any personal experiences with the subject so I came here hoping for some advice or things to look out for during the trip. If you have any experience, advice, tips and tricks, or even stories on the subject, feel free to post.

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there are two reasons you won't find much advice about trainhopping on the web. One is that we don't want the police to find our secrets. The other is safety concerns, I don't want to hear about you getting killed because of my bad advice. You wouldn't want to learn to drive a car or use a firearm after just reading about would you? It's kind of the same.

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I've only experienced it 2 times. Got a ride from Milaca,MN to Minneapolis from some burly black vet and his wife. He might have thought he was picking up a girl since I had long blonde hair and was a cute teen at the time, needless to say I didn't get raped, made it back, and he gave me 5 bucks for the bus back to my house. Other time I picked up some guy on an exit ramp, was and upstanding middle-age white family man, car broke down and needed to get back to his house. Both were fun and we made good conversation. Also was picked up once as a teen because I was on the highway, just brought me home.

Are you talking about hitch hiking with another person? I used to hitch hike all the time, when you are alone it can be pretty tough, but with two people (both males) you can end up going for DAYS with nobody picking you up.

I also hopped trains. My experience tells me that you would be best served by taking a map of the railways with you so when you hop a train you know where it is going. When I was hopping trains I frequently ended up completely lost and in the middle of BFE with no easy way out.

That's why you take a girl as a partner.

I'm amazed at how grumpy you sound. Argh, I can't stand people who do things I don't like!
I don't think that word word means what you think it means. Just because someone's an introvert doesn't mean the only activities they enjoy are solitary and quiet. Some introverts actually enjoy being with people, too. Scary, isn't it?

c'mon m8, its just picking up a 6inch penguin classic or other small novel each town you pass through. Stop at a second hand book store and trade it in each town. For their size, weight and cost relative to enjoyment gained/ time passed, its not a hard thing to bring along.

I walk. Or I think. I enjoy looking at books, but I don't carry them with me.
I don't need anything else to pass the time, and I don't like extroverts or music.

I can't hang out with someone who enjoys Ukulele, beatboxing, and dancing, thats why I called you annoying.

He won't get arrested...Him and his friend will get beated by a train cop. They exist and they will kick you up if they find you. Quite a few train hoppers are convicts and felons, so have fun with that.
Hitchhiking is not easy, nor is it usually fun.

Da police. Also, other homeless that might not be as mentally stable as you or railroad police. There are also many cars that look like they have bottoms from the outside but really don't and people fall through. lot of pinch points too.

No. Just, no. A good bro to cover your back for the miles ahead and something to do while on the side of the road can kill hours and be extremely fun. Ukulele, beatboxing, Sudoku, books and dancing. You just gotta stop being a square.

This sounds like the same reasoning that says you shouldn't go camping because you might get eaten by a bear. Yes its dangerous but keep your wits about you and you should be OK. Take a risk now and then.

Sorry if I'm not a cool kid but, what else do you want to do on the side of the road waiting for a ride for possibly several hours? Brood?

How is train hopping that dangerous? Just get on the train when it's moving slow and don't get off the train until it's moving slow again.

The former I can understand but god damn I'll never understand how music doesn't interest and inspire people.

Watch Thumbs Up:

In all seriousness, I have no idea.

tunnels, beams, wires, bumps that'll make you slip. Just silly little things.

Train hopping is against US Federal Law & as such violates Global Rule 1

How would I deal with period blood when no money for tampons/pads?

you are going to end up dead and/or kidnapped

It's way more dangerous than camping.

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