I bought a plane ticket to Japan for November, any suggestions?

So I bought a plane ticket to Japan for November. I'll be there two weeks.

I'll be spending most of my time in Kyoto. I chose Kyoto because Tokyo is too loud and crowded for me, and it seems like it's generally quieter and cleaner, and easier to navigate.

As for -what- I'll be doing in Kyoto, I have no idea. Not a weeaboo, so going to animu/manga cafes is out of the question.

I'm having trouble thinking of things because the only thing I do at home is sit in my room and play videogames when I'm not slaving away in an office cubicle.

Any suggestions?

(Maybe I'll go to an aquarium... I like watching otters and penguins. But not every day for two weeks!)

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Go to ohara. Its pretty. Go also to kinosaki-onsen via train. Go with a girl if you can. Invite a fellow traveller.
Go to uji. Drink matcha. Go to osaka. Eat. Walk around kyoto. Buy stuff.

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It's really hard to say how many days are enough. It really depends on your interests. I personally find Kyoto really nice, but after all I'm interested in history. Anyway, I think that Kyoto is a good base for exploring Japan, or at least Kansai. If you don't like old temples that much, I would recommend just these locations - Kinkakuji (the Golden Pavilion), Kiyomizu is quite nice, and also Inari taisha (a complex of shintoist shrines famous for its red torii gates that go to hundreds in numbers). Then you should definitely see Gion, an old entertainment district of Kyoto, you could even see some of the local maiko, of course it's best to go there in the evening. If you like walking, try Tetsugaku no michi (Philosopher's path) that goes through the eastern part of Kyoto. There are many temples around (you don't have to go inside, but they're nice for the atmosphere). Tetsugaku no michi is great in spring, because there are many sakura trees along the way, but it should be nice anyway.

You also should definitely go to Osaka for its food - takoyaki, okonomiyaki etc. Osaka castle is shit. It's a concrete building housing a middle-sized museum. If you like clubbing, Osaka's American mura is the place to go.

Kobe is interesting for its modern look. I really like it, although I'm not entirely sure why.

Nara is also nice: The deers are fun, if you like animals, but sometimes they can get a bit agressive, or they can eat your map. Toudaiji temple is really huge, as is the Buddha statue in it. It is worth seeing I think.

So don't worry, there is a lot to do around Kyoto.

You could probably spend an entire day just wandering around the mall in/around/under Kyoto Station and checking out the shops.

Kiyomizu-dera is pretty, nestled in the hills on the eastern side of the city. Sannen-zaka and Ninen-zaka (two streets that approach it) are lined with cool shops with traditional knick-knacks.

Hop a train over to Osaka and check out Osaka Castle...then go have some fun in Dotonbori and Namba. Pretty sure you won't regret it.

If I were you, I would spend no more than a couple days exploring the historical side of Japan (temples and whatnot) because, with few exceptions, if you've seen one, you've seen most. Modern Japan is where it's at.

I would recommend going to TripAdvisor and checking out the Things To Do section for each city.

My wife and I will be in Japan during the end of November/early December for three weeks, and will be in Kyoto/Osaka for part of it as well. Maybe we'll bump into each other (and have no idea).


Change destination to tokyo (seriously 2 weeks in kyoto is going to suck, 2-3 days is enough)
Bring money, lots of it.

If you want to enjoy yourself do your best to avoid anything labeled with America(fuck yea)! visit lots of bars and yakitori places in the evenings find a place with a relaxed atmosphere and young crowd. Talk to drunk businessmen and japanese ladies and other people from all over the world. Dont be afraid to stand at the bar sipping your drink or say hello to the guy who stands next to you.

Once you get a drink or 2 into you you will loosen up a ton, and if you know any japanese it will be much easier to use.

You have no motivation, no interests, nothing to drive you, yet you buy a ticket to go to Japan for some reason. Why is that?

On top of that, you purposely avoid Tokyo on some sort of preconceived notion of how it is here in a very small part of this enormous city. There are huge parks, rivers and shorefronts here that are as wide open and lonely as you could find anywhere else in the world.

You take pains to inform us that you are not interested in anime, I see that as giving you just one less reason to visit. Don't bother. You won't find yourself here.

To the rest of you, enjoy your stay.

I was there like 4 weeks ago and it was terrible. There's pretty much nothing to do. You can go look at old animation and movie stuff but all the text is in Japanese so good luck. And then they have like a ninja play that just has some smoke and lights. And that's about the entire place. We did watch some samurai fighting choreography and then afterwards I got volunteered by some friends to go in. Meatspinning a samurai sword to taunt a guy dressed like he's from feudal Japan was probably the highlight of the entire place.

Definitely not recommended.

Go to Kobe and Osaka. Both are only about an hour away southwest and southeast.

The only actually nice place in Kyoto is the Golden Pavilion. Imperial Palace I guess you have to visit since you're there but its not all that interesting.

The grounds around the Golden Pavilion is pretty cool. The ground surrounding all the walking places is moss covered because Japanese people are too polite to walk over the little rope barrier so its never walked on.

osaka kaiyukan is pretty badass if you go on a day when there aren't hundreds of schoolkids getting in your way. whale sharks.

kyoto will be boring after a week if not sooner. temples, temples everywhere. perfect time of year for autumn colours though - go to nara, go to minoh, kyoto will be fucking packed with people checking out the leaves. in fact everywhere will be the same.

I'll be in Japan for a few months from mid October till early January, it'll be my first visit and aside from Guest houses I'll have no real place to stay, beng a weeaboo my main goal is visiting the winter Comiket and some other shit, if you want while your there we could tag along and shit, there's a pretty cool aquarium in Osaka which isn't too far from Kyoto

well i went to some beaches and shit and did some hot bath in a hotel. lots of young people on the beach. fireworks at night. diving schools in the area. i believe i was in tanabe. beaches were crowded as fuck. lot of fly honeys. its really nice if youre looking for a lively resort area thats not extremely touristy. but expect a lot of japanese travelers.

If you're looking for some fun cultural stuff you might enjoy taking a night at a ryokan; traditional Japanese inn.
Osaka has an amazing aquarium.
Food wise if you're in the Kyoto area I recommend trying kaiseki cuisine and going to Osaka to try the street food.

Shirakawa-go! A must if you're going to Takayama, seriously. Try and get a reservation for one night in one of the houses. (No longer, there is nothing to do there, no joke) however it's ridiculously beautiful and a lovely area.

Anyone familiar with the Takayama area? Looks like my wife and I will be around there for a few days, and I could use some suggestions for places to check out. I hear Kanazawa is close and has some nice sites as well.

has anyone been to wakayama here? ive been in osaka for the last week and a half and i have been to nara already. apparently theres some nice beaches or something.

I went to Takayama with my japanese wife in 2007. It was one of the best trips in my life!

Be sure to eat Hoba Miso!


plan to see some of these places OP. autumn is amazing in japan.

Maybe like visit the historical sites? that's what kyoto is kind of famous for.

I hope you like temples because thats like the only thing to do in Kyoto

osaka is only 15minutes via shinkansen and 30minutes via slow train.

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