Have you ever slept with a homeless woman? If so, what was it like for you?

Have you ever slept with of dated with a homeless woman? If so, what was it like for you?

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Knocked on my door during a thunderstorm. Let her in after making sure she wasn't with someone trying to case the joint or rob me or something. Gave her some food, she was pretty thankful and awkwardly flirted. She asked if she could use the shower and if she could borrow some clothes because hers were ruined. Let her use the shower because it was cold and she was soaked.

Was just minding my own business when she walked back into my bedroom completely naked, blushing furiously, covering up her pussy and little tits but still trying to look sexy and more or less asked my permission for her to "thank" me.

Ate her out for a bit, her gasps were better than viagra. screwed her slow for a little while, made her go a few times and then sped up for a while and went inside. We kept that up for a few hours until she was out of energy. When I woke up the next day she asked me to drop her at a bus stop, I obliged and that was that.

Inaccurate. Im 23, work at a retailer and take 3 classes at a community college. I own 3700 dollars usable credit and keep my monthly usage below 10 percent. I have 4 grand in the bank, a car, a scholarship I haven't used yet for more college, im about to get a +$1000 tax return... Nigga. Im not rich but my net worth is more positive then any of those people.

I dunno though; maybe I'm privileged as hell. My mom is a skilled registered nurse (top 10 or 5 percentile pay nationwide) and my dad is a retired army vet. Maybe I just have it better than most.

We still don't own a house, but that may change soon. We'll see.

it's all nice and easy at 23.. wait 10-15 more years and see what happens (especially if there is no house for you to inherit)

Yeah, it seems like the house part is the point of it all.
Americans are mostly serfs by form of loan debts or property rental.

and kids/wife/child support
you lose control over the little that you have

I'm in a similar situation.

be 25
big box retail manager
$25,000 in HECS debt
$280,000 home loan debt
according to misleading poster worth -$305,000
> actually worth close to $300,000k after debt because Sydney's property market went off its tits over the last 3 years so my house is worth almost twice what I paid for it

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Best friend had a female friend that ran away from her parents home. First few days she stayed at his place but they got into a fight. From what i know she told him she had a place to stay but she sleept in the park. One day i saw here there and asked her what she was doing. She told my everything and i asked her is she wanted to stay at my place for a bit.
After 2-3days at my place we started to make out while watching a movie and from then on she lived with me in exchange for sex.

Turns out the fight between her and my friend was cause she wouldn't let him damn her. He found out that she screwed me and since then i lost track of him.
To this day she lives with my but now she has a job and everything.

how many other guys does she damn regularly

my coworker damns this chick just like that
he goes over to her place to "smoke" buthas been getting his friend for a few years and has screwed her for some time now too

yes. was homeless for about 2 years. screwed a couple. one was a hot ass big chick that i used to know in normal life that took care of herself. was awesome.
the second i'm deeply ashamed of.
hitched out to california
get settled in
drinking some brandy with the boys one night
older liquor lady wanders up on us.
52 y/o if I remember
already pretty buzzed
feed her some of my liquor
one of the guys implies if I don't want to take her back to camp I'm welcome to.
basically drag her back to my squat as she was practically unconscious, which was under an awning at a church.
good and dark and church never objected to me crashing as long as I left it clean and bounced early.
get her there and get gear out and bed set up for night
run next door to cvs and buy condoms
rush back and damn some the tightest but nastiest I've ever had.
>left a disgusting rotten fish smell on my sleeping bag for a week until i was able to wash it

screwed a crust punk chick. she was living in a condemned building with some other punks that were on the fringe of my circle of friends. she hadn't bathed in a few months. she smelled pretty terrible and was really hairy. she had one big dread of matted hair on the back of her head. she left a layer of white discharge all over my body. we had fun a few weeks after at my place, but i got her to shower beforehand.

damn do you still see her?

i don't. this was a few years ago and i don't hang out with the same group of friends. i hear she shaved her head to get rid of her nasty mat, but still lives like a dirty punk. we only screwed four times, but she was an animal in bed from the start. punks love to go hard.

>Things that never happened.

It's a bad fedish of mine homeless people and depressed women are great.
You take care of them they do mostly anything for you until (this always happens) they leave or cheat or fall back into their habits.
I think I end up making their lives worse because I do pamper them and they realize they aren't worth your understanding or companionship.

depressed women are great
Have you bed one before? Finding one is hard for me.

Where do you meet them? I want to try this.

But the panthers there have no access to alcohol.
It would make sense if he said that she screwed like a panther tripping balls. Because they do do that, heck it's the reason the natives found the ayuasca vines in the first place, because they walked in on a panther tripping balls.

I will add: I've worked at FEMA for a year in a program named FEMAcorps. I might say damn it and start working for them. They're starting wage is $25/hr and I'm certain higher pay work exists in FEMA.

Anyone got the one where this guy ended up making a homeless woman his wife? He really turned her life around and now they are a normal married couple.

Have you read the one where it's the other way around. This guy gets saved out of homelessness by a woman, they end up falling in love, get one year of happiness and then she dies of cancer.

Spent some time with a homeless girl. Gave her a shower and some food and she rode me til the small hours of the morning. That was fun.

Oh go away. She initiated it and it clearly wasn't her first time. She cleaned up nicely. Like I was going to say no.

I used to squat, technically according to the government that's homeless, so yes I screwed lots of homeless girls

what sort of stuff were these girls into

what was your way of getting them to like you?

Normal stuff, met them at parties and raves. It was like having sex with a normal person basically. Just in a squat. So instead of a bedroom it would be an abandoned office building or a bar or something that you live in

Still squatting. Crustie chicks damn like drunk panthers

How would you know what a drunk panther is like?

I'm also curious. Please respond

and after a date, you can just drop em off wherever, instead of having to deliver them back at their door step

And if I'm in a country where it's legal? Because there are countries where that is completely legal.

Then I genuinely feel sorry about your country's third world status.

Yes for a lot, for a little money when living in Romania just over a couple of years ago.

Very wet. We was at her place on a rainy night.

u mean the refrigerator box she was stayin at

This girl couldn't afford a box. It was on a sidewalk.

THIS so much this
(37yo engineer)

they always swallow...


So when I was 19-21 I was taking care of this old woman who had to be hospitalized constantly for alcohol poisoning.

old lady goes to hospital
be in charge of her house for a few weeks
have nobody to drive
know this homeless chick
she was in her early twenties
kinda mental
ask her if she can drive me around and she can stay at the house
visit old lady
go back to the house
watching tv
homeless chick asks for a foot rub
rub feet gently
she says "What have you never given a girl a foot massage before? Do it harder"
Massage her feet harder
I was pretty wasted
She goes upstairs to take a shower
Im downstairs on the couch watching tv and drinking/smoking
She throws her bra at me from upstairs
'Ok' I thought
The vibes shes been giving me up until this point were pretty odd
Dont really want to damn just trying to be nice
She comes downstairs to get her bra
We watch tv until she goes upstairs to go to bed
I crash on the couch where I can smoke and drink as much as I please
I hear her calling from upstairs "hey, come here"
Go upstairs
"Lay with me" she says
I lay next to her and try to fall asleep
She jiggles and says "Play with me"
I rest my hand on her side
"Stop it she says and she shakes my hand off"
Obviously I just got used so I go back downstairs
Theres more lighting downstairs and I can finally see it
My hand is covered in period blood
I wash my hands with as much soap as I can and go to sleep
>After she walks out she calls my phone

Forgot to mention that the smell of her nasty period blood stayed beneath my fingernails for a few weeks.

its called clorox its a cleaning agent excellent for killing bacteria and germs

Yeah the smell was under my fingernails. No amount of clorox would get rid of it

One of the best stories I've ever heard

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