Terrifying stories of chronic alcoholics

How many of you are dealing w alcohol issues? What are your symptoms? How long have you been a drunk?

Have you been to jail? What were your charges? How was the experience?

A bit about myself... Chronic alcoholic here, get the shakes and heart palpitations, cold and hot sweats, dry heaving.. The whole 9 when I don't drink

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I'm 34 and I've been getting pass out wasted almost every day since 18. I have 2 DUI's so I just don't drive, failed to complete the alcohol program for the second one because I was drunk at a court-ordered meeting. Got sentenced to 90 days in Los Angeles county jail, did 32. I kinda went in an arrangement with a family member on a house in my town and I partied so hard there that the family member just decided to evict me and sell the house.

I was homeless and had nowhere to go in my town, so I sold everything I owned and stayed on a friend's couch in Hawaii. The agreement was that I wasn't allowed to drink at all. I was going through withdrawls on the plane.

I completely sobered up and got a decent job with geeksquad. Got healthy, lost about 40 lbs and my beergut. A year later I got my own place in Waikiki and a girl I was talking to back home, came and moved in with me.

Then she screwed my friend that let me crash at his place, and I lost my job.

We broke up and I just drank myself to sleep whenever I woke up. Completely ran out of money, and moved in with my folks back in my hometown. I put back on all the weight, and am pretty much known around town as the local mess up/drunk. I got arrested a couple months ago for trying to sleep in someone's car in front of their house. Last night I blacked out and kind of came to and i was in a random camper parked next to the bar, I got chased away by the guy who lives in it. Right now I'm wondering if I should expect to be arrested because the guy was pretty pissed and he might know who I am.

I'd an hero if I had the balls, but I also don't want to do the next cliche thing.

If you're homeless how come are you in this site? How do you get the money for a computer/phone + internet + alcohol?

I live at my folks, use an old laptop. I still have a lot of friends who cover me at the bar because I'm still pretty fun to hang out with, but those numbers are shrinking for sure.

most people who know me around town just feel sorry for me and if I'm out, they'll usually send a drink or shot over.

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How old are you person? Tell us more of your story?

I'm 50, and drink over a quart of bourbon every day. I don't shake or anything if I stop, and it hasn't really affected my life yet.....as in, no job issues or things like that.

However, I do know I drink way more than is healthy, and I revolve my activities around it. For example, I don't like to visit family or friends or go to events if I can't have alcohol.

I started drinking beer at 14 and just loved it. There's a history of alcoholism in my family tho, so I think I loved it a bit too much. In my early 20's I went through a religious- phase, which honestly probably saved my life and kept me from going batstuff with it. When I got over being a godboy (around 24), I went back to drinking and here I am. Graduated from just beer to having a few beers followed by whiskey, to starting with vodka and finishing with whiskey....and now I strictly just drink bourbon.

As for jail, I've been arrested twice for DUI. Not much to it, just a night in jail and my fellow drunkard girlfriend bailed me out. A few thousand in lawyers fees later, and one of them was pled down to reckless driving and the other to open container. So I've been lucky there but it cost me a fortune.

The girl I'm with now doesn't drink quite as much as I do, but she's not far behind for her age / weight. She does shake sometimes but she has other issues and the shakes might have another source as well. So that's my deal....

Been drinking booze nightly for 16 years, progressively more and more. Up to 700-750ml. I drink a well-balanced meal, sometimes Rum, Vodka, Scotch, Bourbon, Irish Whiskey, and occasionally Gin. Usually Vodka and Bourbon though.

I lost my marriage from it, then lost my job when I got a portable breathalyzer and I was still blowing .14 at 8am so I'd make excuses about coming in late (didn't want a DUI) and it got to be too much. Got fired, started my own business I always wanted to start, and sold it four years later FOR THREE MILLION DOLLARS.

Retired at age 39, decided to get sober and begin enjoying life with my newfound luck. Did outpatient rehab, was sober for six weeks, always stopped at the liquor store on the way back from AA meetings. Went right back to drinking.

Now I wake up around 1pm, and my life consists of killing time on the internet until it's time to drink (for some reason I think if I don't drink before 5, it's still controllable). Start drinking right at 5, black out by about 7 but blacked out me apparently stays up until around 4am doing stuff. Sometimes it buys crap on the internet, other times cleans the dishes and changes light bulbs. I remember none of it (some of it just vaguely) so really my perceived days are about 5 hours long and time really flies. I was trying to remember what year it was just a couple weeks ago.

are you good looking? ill be your personal sex slave if you still have money

post tits and I'll consider it

I'll take this life. I'd also put some of that money in an index or something, so I wouldn't have to spend it and just spend the interest.

I didn't believe this story but I have to say I burst out spilling my coffee reading this when you said drink at 5 black out at 7 but apparently staying up till 4am cos I know that EXACT feeling. It's been happening more than lately, but I need to get my stuff sorted I'm still young and not financially secure yet

I left out a note to my blacked-out self to record myself answering some questions, and the weird thing was I hardly even seemed drunk, was barely slurring my words, but of course I remembered none of it the next day. It seemed to be having a fun time. I asked things like "what time is it and if after midnight, why didn't you go to bed then like we're trying to do now" and it shrugged and said it didn't feel tired at all, so what's the point of just laying in bed anyway?

Then my cable bill is like $300 a month because it likes to stream movies at about $6 a movie. I don't remember anything at all about the movie, but if I stream it again it feels like I've already seen it like 10 years ago. I'll remember parts and the ending. But it sucks because I'm paying for those movies without the benefit that comes from watching them.

Hey, thought I'd throw my two cents in. I used to be bad off. Got into recovery. Been sober 4 and a half years. Not a preacher, but a lot of people who might seek help have misconceptions about aa.

AA is for people who have lost the ability to moderate their drinking. Some people do severely drink for long periods of time and for whatever reason don't lose the ability to moderate their drinking. I did. not everyone does. Its a decision you have to make about yourself.

The god thing; I was a staunch atheist when i quit drinking and stayed sober over a year with just the program as a power greater than myself. That was it. No one has ever asked me to be a part of religion or forced God on me. These days I'm agnostic. I say I don't know whats in the universe. Thats as far as I've come and no one has pushed me to do anything.

Ive only really met people who want to be of service to those who want help. No one in AA has even told me not to drink. They've said its not the way they do things, Its worked for me.

Btw, I got sober at 27. some people do it even younger.

24 yr old.

always been a big drunk since high school but it was only at parties and weekends with people.
kept it up through college with the days becoming more frequent. when i graduated i also left a long term relationship and found myself getting drunk every night.
when i stop i get palpatations and shakes for a day, but i have chronic insomnia. the insomnia is the worst part about not drinking. I cant stand it and side effects start becoming increasingly worse due to lack of sleep. so i usually relaps after about 2-3 days.

just recently acquired xanax from the street. that helps tremendously. i use the xanax to sleep when im not drinking. went for about a week and had drinks with co-workers and ended up binging the whole weekend. so about to try it again this week.

wish me luck.

also no jail. 2 sobriety tests i managed to pass. my tolorence for alcohol was just too damn high that i can function even if im blacked out.

and also got into fights, broke stuff. have many scars on my body from it. ruined relationships and friendships. all around bad drug. i know i can drink moderately, i just suck at it right now.

just need a rittle dicsiprin. and weed

Drink 6-8 (weak 3.5% alcohol) beers every weekday evening, sometimes a few glassen of wine as well. Weekends usually like a bottle of wine plus 8-10 of said weak beers or 5-6 strong beers (5.3%) Sometimes normal strong beer on weekdays but not often. Pretty much stopped smoking weed though, used to smoked about 4-5 grams per week. Last time I bought 4 grams of weed off a friend was almost 2 months ago. Have been drinking like this for about 6-7 years, smoked weed for 10 years. Starting to get a bit shaky hands during the days and I'm constantly tired. Doesn't feel good but at the moment I lack the willpower to stop. Have a family, oldest kid is soon 5. Almost never drink while she's awake though, only when I watch football (soccer for you murricans) and then I only have one or two. I do realise I need to do something about my drinking habit soon. Any tips?

2 bottles of wine a night, more or the weekend. I do enjoy those £5 county manor boxes you can get from Iceland or Sainsubrys

I introduced the idea of sober Sundays as an attempt to cut down on the mid week drinking. Honestly it didn't work out that well, but we had a few weeks with 3 sober days in it.

Checked in back home with the parents to try and detox this Christmas. I spend a lot of time thinking about taking off back home and pouring a glass, but the change of scenery has helped.

Really bored though, I seems to spend a lot of time in bed trying to sleep.

Sober dreams are quite intense and I usually wake up and go back to sleep about 4 or 5 times a night.

It's been easier here than while at work though, I find the days I go in hungover to be easier than the sober days

In a similar situation.
The drinking has slowed and it's satisfying but i seem to chain smoke all day long. I'm just bored.

I drink every day to varying degrees. It's just past noon, I have the day off, and I'm probably pouring a drink and playing dark souls soon, and won't stop until late tonight.

Been drinking more hard liquor lately (whiskey/vodka in particular). Beer makes me too bloated nowadays.

So far I haven't done anything crazier than going on Amazon shopping sprees after getting plastered, but I'm sure I have some health issues lurking my way. I've been drinking every single day for as long as I can remember, someones to feel happier, sometimes to feel sadder, but always to feel more.

The worst part is I've gotten so good at binge drinking by starting small and spacing my drinks out that I know exactly how to drink for 12+ hours straight without blacking out...

I also smoke weed, sometimes a lot more than I drink (it's a cleaner more enjoyable high, the drunk is something I just always want as at least an undertone)

Might drink more than I smoke today though.

anyone else daydrinking as we speak?

I am.
21 year old make here, started drinking in highschool at parties at around 16, met a girl after I graduated who liked to drink a lot as well. We were together until right before I turned 21, I found out she had been some dude behind my back for over a month and I lost a lot of motivation to push myself in life. I play for a local rugby club for the social aspect, don't really have too many friends but drinking is a huge part of the culture so I stay, kind of keeps me in shape too. I don't drink every single day, but binge drink and get plastered every time I do drink, which is about 2-3 times a week.

cheers person. you can always drink with us. what's your poison? drinking new amsterdam right now moving on to cheap whiskey later.

Mostly just beer, Budweiser to be specific. I started to mix cocaine with my drinking and absolutely loved the fact that I could be hammered, do a few lines and feel much more sober, and then keep drinking.

I kicked the coke about 6 months ago, was getting too expensive and I couldn't handle the bad feeling the morning after.

Man I miss being able to drink beer all day. It's my favorite way to get drunk, esp craft beers, but they're just soooo filling. Usually just makes me feel extra lethargic and tired at some point.

And yeah I know what you mean, combining uppers with alcohol can be nice but it's not worth doing regularly. I do mix my liquor with energy drinks sometimes though.

I'll smoke weed and drink on occasion, but that usually makes me feel way too tired.

have you experimented with any other mixes of substances?

I love mixing weed and alcohol but ONLY if I'm smoking a guaranteed sativa so it'll act as an upper. But even then it has to be close to bedtime cuz as the high wears off I just get drowsy anyways. Some days (like when i have something important the next day) I'll smoke a lot more than I drink, and just have a 6-pack at the end of the night.

Other than that I've mixed alcohol and adderall a few times (it really doesn't feel like much, the addy effect always outweighed the drunk for me, but I would miraculously become MORE talkative, and adderall already makes me crazy social. More or less the same effect as coke but longer lasting.)

I've also drank alcohol coming down from shrooms once (don't do this)

I'm probably pouring a drink and playing dark souls soon

Start playing around noon, crack first beer around 4 or 5. Play until 4 or 5 in the morning. Game has consumed my life.

Although I haven't played in a while.

dude that sounds about right. I'm new to the series, I tried ds3 months ago but ragequit suuuuuper hard, restarted as a knight and gotten a lot better at it, much less raging more epicness. Currently just reached the Central Irithryl bonfire, lvl 60, 28hrs play time

Been playing the series for a long time, since Demons' Souls. Even back then I'd get hammered and play all night. In DS3 alone I have almost 600 hours. It's the PVP.

i feel like I'll dive into the pvp one day, but i want to play through all the way once. There's new game+ right? I can already see playing through again on the same character. Btw damn the demon ruins in Smouldering Lake, yesterday i was running in circles for so long looking for the objective. Finally found the path up to the giant arrow contraption and felt like a dumbass.

You'll probably find yourself playing over and over with new classes if you like the game. Yes there is a new game plus.

I think the reason I failed miserably my first playthrough is because I chose Mercenary (the lack of defense screwed me up) and thought I'd experiment by putting a point into luck every other level. Not a good idea for my first character, I quit before Farron Keep. But now I def see myself trying other classes, just not sure which.

I started drinking at 18. peaked at like 22 I would drink 12 packs in like a couple hours. then I moved to liquor and that's where I started losing my mind. When I drank hard liquor i'd go on rants on social media, arguing with people smashed outta my mind. I also had a graffiti addiction lol, would spray up spots in the city drunk as hell. By the time I reached 24 my family(mom) was all "it runs in the family in my side. be careful bla bla".

25 now I slowed right down. hardly touch it anymore. but I always get random urges to pick up a few strong beers. just gotta say no. I started drinking coffee a lot it helped me replace the urge for booze.

never went to jail, but I have had some pretty close calls.

best thing you can do is talk to somebody.

Nope alchohol aint my thing, but i'm six months clean from xannax & heroin (withdrawl is the same as alchohol). Be prepared for literal hell. That's the only word I can use to describe the withdrawl. For a week I couldn't think, I was sweating, puking, didn't sleep for a minute. Following week it was the same, but including stuffting your brains out every time you attempt to eat.

The experience made me a better person, I no longer complain about anything, because I know what it was truly like to suffer and wish for death. You cannot compare any pain to two weeks worth of this hell. I thought about an heroing like 5 times, just so it would stop. But, life's good since I got clean. I wish you the best OP, may god have mercy on your soul.

39-year-old, long-time binge-drinker here.

About those heart palpitations, is there any way to get rid of them without drinking?

I binge-drank for (drink 'til passing out 3~4 times per week), but for the last two years, I've had my stuff figured out and don't need to use it to escape anymore.

The problem is now I get palpitations on a near-daily basis and the only way to control them and sleep is to drink at night.

Are there any drugs, foods, supplements, anything that can control them? It's 8:50am here and I've having ing things right now. They'll probably go away by noon, then reappear around 6:00pm. Then I'll drink around 600~700ml of 25%alc shouchuu, the palpitations will go away, lather, rinse, repeat...

Vitamin deficiency maybe? Alcohol blocks absorption of some key nutrients, so you can end up deficient even if you're eating well. Try a multivitamin. It might also not be alcohol related.

palpitations are like when your heartbeat skips, right? I don't think I've quite had that but I had consistent minor chest pain for a few days last week. I figured it had to be alcohol related so I cut back. I also assume it was just heartburn or something since taking one or two 1g antacids would make it disappear almost immediately. Haven't felt it again in about 3 days though.

It's worse than that. Depending on how bad they are, your heartbeat not only becomes *completely* irregular, it also becomes abnormally strong and noticeable so you are constantly aware of it and can't concentrate on stuff.

Your problem sounds like chronic acid reflux, yes, probably alcohol-related.

huge booze hound here. I was sleeping in a hotel once and was thinking of calling an ambulance. I kept waking up from not breathing. Like, all night. It was like an extreme sleep apnea or whatever. I had to focus on breathing. I was out of breath almost it felt like. This was after 4 days of drinking solid

I think I'm fortunate in that I seem to instinctively stop after no more than three days of binging. But yeah, I've been there. Waking up convinced my heart has stopped several times.

i usually get sick on day 4. Like clockwork....I drink for 3 days, all day and night. Day 4, I have to rest or I will puke and puke.

Funny... I never vomit whilst on a binge. It's only after I finally stop that the projectile vomiting starts.

beating really hard and fast, not skipping beats per se but just pounding out of your chest

alcohol thins your blood then raises your blood pressure when you sober up. i dont know any way to deal with this, other than drinking alot of water to thin it back out. there are bp medications but i doubt a doc would prescribe them to an alcohol

Currently trying to cut back myself. Usually buy a half gallon of that sweet sweet Evan Williams,kill it with in two days. Also starting to have a cocaine problem due to the crowd I hang out with. Currently gaggy as hell cus i haven't had a drink in 2 days. I've just been avoiding my friends cus they're all alcoholics and coke heads also. My alcoholism started when I was fifteen so its been nearly ten years. I have 2 duis and 4 drunk in public's. Currently awaiting trial to possibly gobtobjail for 3 months on San Luis obispo for my last DUI. My first DUI I quit drinking and smoked a ton of pot and did xanax. Moved back to my hometown and met up with the bold crew and went back to my old ways.

Forgot to add I've had gall bladder disease since I was twenty(I'm gonna be 25 in 2 weeks) started throwing up blood and couldn't eat for days. Hasn't been acting up too bad lately.

heart palpitations
GERD/acid reflux. pretty sure ive screwed my esophagus up
gained like 20-30 pounds

spent two one night stays in jail on different occasions for intoxicated in public and breaking a fire alarm (charges dismissed both times with some community service so not all bad..)

plenty of fights

dont drink as much anymore and trying to get my stuff together. tons of really good times that outweighed most of the bad but getting old enough that its not really acceptable to be a drunkass anymore.

went from drinking 5-6 days a week for ~10 years to maybe once a week or every other week now. once i start drinking though its hard to stop until i am stuffhoused :(

same guy here... just fill in some more details i guess

the two times i ended up in jail i blew 0.28 and 0.32

pretty sure the GERD/reflux problems are from funneling stupid amounts... whole four lokos, three beers at a time etc

6 years in the army plus alcoholism in the family definitely set me up for success

6 years in the army plus alcoholism in the family definitely set me up for success

Can relate, although my 6 was in the Air Force. Military is a breeding ground for alcoholism.

Spent 4 years in the navy... 2 deployments... I hear you on that

Currently an alcoholic, but i cut down to half a 5th a day, use to drink a gallon in 2-3 days

been to county twice because a stack of warrents that added up to a couple thousand in fines. just traffic tickets
but i was also on heroin at the time so i had to detox while i was there. stuff was horrible. i was throwing up and stuffting next to everyone in the drunk tank during processing. people were pissed. when i finally got a cell they dont let you out to stuff during lights ot so i had to sit in a trashbag on my bed in my own filth.
horrible experience. it would have been fine though if it werent for that, i met alot of cool people

38 years old Now... Drank alot when I was younger, then I had a back injury and was eventually put on Soc Sec Disability, Methadone 90mg a day, Oxy 45mg day and Klonopin 2 mg a day.... Quit drinking for about 5 years (because I just didn't really feel like it anymore.) FAST FORWARD........ Started drinking again about 3 years ago and I now am on same Meds listed but I start drinking Whiskey about an hour after waking up and drink about a fifth to a fifth and a half a day... My only meal is Dinner and I go sleep.... RINSE AND REPEAT 7 DAYS A WEEK.... (Strangely if I start drinking later than normal I don't feel too bad..)

Functioning 27 yo Alcholic here.

Drink a few beers on a bottle of red wine every night. As above person said, i revolve my social life around drinking, i hit it heavier at the weekends.

Went through a period of drinking vodka with mixer at work, stopped when i got drunk in work and people noticed. Managed to play it off as being over tired. Never drank in work again.

Feel anxious as hell when i wake up every morning.

Never had issues with the law but done some bad things when drunk that i get anxious and ashamed of everytime i think about everything. Then drink to dull the feelings. Vicious cycle.

Agreed on that vicious cycle, bro. While my legal issues have been relatively minor, I've made an ass of myself more than once due to alcohol.

I'm 50. I'm active. I drink perhaps 2-3 26's a week. I've always been a binger, but over the last seven years it become progressively worse. My brother died which seem to trigger it. Right now I have a dull pain from the location of my liver. I can only assume it's a direct result. I have my own company, a beautiful wife, 2 kids and I function dispite my addiction. I'm wanting to quit, but it's hard when I hang with guys who also like to binge. Christmas is here, and we'll go hard for 4 days. I think I need to check in to resolve it.

I appreciate you all sharing your stories.

being an alcoholic is kinda scumbaggy, but it's the kind of scumbaggy that makes people sympathetic, not angered. kinda like the homeless man begging for change vs the person holding people up for their change

I might not have much of a place here since I drink on rare occasions but as a recovered dust addict I know that quitting can be difficult but just go to meetings and pick up a habit like cooking or knitting, something to do with the time when you would normally drink, I know that drinking quiets this loud world a bit but you're ruining your own life and the lives of those who care if they're still around.

And some magical kind person isn't going to accept a raging alcoholic unless they are one themselves which is just a bond of intolerable chaos which leads to a bad end.

This was nicely said. Thanks for your input, sir, sincerely. Best of luck in your situation as well.

In my late 20's, and I've been drinking 6-10 beers every day for a few years now during the week, weekend just get started a bit earlier (no work) so get a few more in. Throw in bourbon if i haven't finished the bottle yet, occasional wine if its around. I've never had any issues that have come from drinking, but I do realize I drink quite a bit more than is healthy. I don't remember the last time I went a full day without a drink. I've thought about doing it, but i'll always find a reason to drink. Is this too unhealthy?

That's where I started, then the next year it's 7-11 beers, next year 8-12, then eventually you're downing a fifth of vodka every night just to get the same effect.

I was a hard core alcoholic for 20 years. I was an angry ugly drunk. I was arrested several times for DUI, fights, drunk in public, and other stupid stuff. I was hospitalized twice. I was fired from two jobs and most of my family doesn't speak to me anymore.

I got help with my anger issues and met a good woman so for the last 5 years I am a functional alcoholic. I am employed full time and don't drink as much. Some days I take pills to get by instead of drinking. I hope to quit for good someday soon.

Just quit. Never got too bad (imo) but I would spend every cent I had on liquor.

I was functioning, only did it for about 5 years (since the day I turned 21) but I luckily caught it in time thanks to other persons and people I knew who warned me.

There is help, if you want it. Not trying to preach mane, I been there....

Jail: No jail. Thk god I always lucky enough to miss the cops when I was headed home from parties/bars but usually I just stayed in and drank myself to sleep every night lol

how did it start?

pretty much the same way but ive been at it since 18 and im alsmost 23
stuff is so expensive

Long term alcoholics can die if they stop cold turkey.

This. I cringe every time I see someone say they quit cold turkey. That stuff's so hard on your body. Just ween off, it makes it all easier.

I'm 26. Been drinking since age 15, 2 years ago I was on a drinking bender for days straight, woke up one day completely messed up with shortness of breath and other funny symptoms, my blood pressure was off the limits, received an injection and some more medications. Scared the hell out of me, so I take it slow nowadays. I'm physically active, don't smoke, have some drinks here and there and that's it. I guess it takes to experience fear for your own life in order to take care of it.

Used to drink a lot more than I do now. I'll go months without drinking now when before I was drinking 750 ml or more a night. What helped me was that I gradually weaned off over years to an acceptable level and replaced bad habits e.g. drinking with good habits which for me is working out.

In the end, weightlifting saved my life and made me into the (relatively) successful person I am today. Find something that takes up your time and is rewarding that will keep you from drinking

I'm a national guard soldier who is currently deployed and can't drink. Drinking is my favorite activity and its driving me nuts not being able to do it. All i want is for this to be over so i can go back home and go back to drinking again. I hold down a job just fine and make good money, I figure as long as i take care of my life and keep my job then it's not really a problem. Currently im taking dextromethporphan on my off days to fill the void.

I guess I would consider myself a functioning alcoholic. I tend to down at least a 1.75 bottle of whiskey a week. Ive stopped drinking for a few weeks at a time here and there mostly to prove to myself that I can stop if I wanted. No law issues here, just sit at home and get hammered, I'm antisocial. I get headaches, hot sweats, heart palpatations, but I guess I'm kidding myself by not attributing it to my drinking.

I've stopped for a day or two at a time, but can't recall the last time I went a few weeks. Same deal, though, as a result of my DUI history and a gf who is too young to legally drink, I stay at home and get hammered daily.

I have motivation issues, poor sleep patterns, anti-social tendencies, etc. And like you, I'd be crazy if I didn't attribute some of that to my drinking.

Not OP either, but you guys are interesting. Wish OP would return. Maybe he blacked out.

Nice to hear someone with the same issues as me makes me feel better, motivation issues and poor sleep patterns are my biggest killer.

I'm with you on the hot sweats and other symptoms too. When you stop for awhile, how long does it take for things like that to normalize?

Like I said, I never stop more than a couple days at a time.

I drink between 8-12 beers day. Sometimes I throw whiskey into the mix as well. I shake in the mornings, but it kinda steadies as the day goes by. As for jail? Yes. Prison? Yes. I've had quite a few arrests. The most notable are 3rd degree arson and battery (not at the same time). Jail isn't really that bad and neither is prison as long as you kind your own business but stand up for yourself too.

i'm just a beginner alcoholic. if i don't have to work the next day i'm getting hammered, if i do then i'll have a few shots. been doing this for a year, worst was when i lost my job for a couple months and i spent every day getting hammered

never been to jail though, worst i've done is forget to pay my excise tax on my truck and they made me pay it

drink usually a Micky of gin and bottle of wine or some beers every night.
Not sure if this enough to give me withdraw
last couple weeks ive been drinking a little more than that.
Getting back pains.
decided to drink only a couple beers a night for a while.
wouldn't really say im an alcoholic i just have issues with moderation.

if you want to stop, be responsible for your own actions

start drinking less. i know a lot of alcoholics switch to something else to drink to curb their craving, depending on what you drink. don't cold turkey if you're trashed every day, have a few less drinks every day

source: i have self control and am being reasonable

I knew a kid in college that was ~110 pounds, drank every day and almost never ate. a lot of the times when he ate any solid food he would puke.

he graduated (after like 6 years with a 2.0 gpa) and has a job now and still drinks every day

he would get wasted and get his ass beat all the time... pretty sad stuff

im 260+ lbs man and almost 31 if it weren't for my kids id probably off myself

See i still consume 2.5k cal and 130g of protein a day and still look like this ontop of alcoholism

I'm 65kg and 6ft, this is a lot like me, drinking puts me off eating so I normally only have one meal a day and maybe a piece of fruit or something

I'm 27, been drinking everynight for about 2 years. Started on wine to get blackout drunk to deal with breakup, this escalated to adding beer.

Cut out the wine now and just drink 5 - 8 beers a night. Reducing is relatively easy.

Still, can't bear the thought of no alcohol before sleep

Sounds pretty similar to me.

Broke up with long time gf of 2 years about a year and a half ago.

I feel like it hit me especially hard, been drinking like a fish ever since. Spent most of this early morning nursing a hangover, threw up a few times and had cold sweats for some time. drinking beer again now, makes me feel relaxed and like everything's gonna be okay when I'm hammered

For all you beer-dependent addicts:

Try bud select 55. It's pretty much water. I don't drink much, but i do like the taste of it from time to time, so I'll drink a select 55. It tastes exactly like bud light, coors, that stuff. It's a good way to start weening off booze.

Anyone here who has stopped cold? How'd you do it, I don't drink during the week but I end up getting drunk on weekends and probably just wanna stop in all. All my friends drink and there's always beer available. Should I just stay my ass home till I get some self control?

i just smoke lots now or drink coffee.

pretty bad answer to replace one drug dependence with another but it works and they do less damage to your body

i use other drugs to help tper from alcohol. also i set rules for myself once i stop for a week.

dont drink alone.
dont drink until after 9.
dont drink cheap liquor. (i think if you have to spend more money, it will help you stop)
learn to smoke weed. i used to smoke all the time. then stopped for a year and when i tried it again it was never the same. usually have to get buzzed before i can smoke to avoid paranoia and anxiety. but after i smoke my craving for alcohol fades. weed is helpful. usually smoke a spliff or a small bowl after 3 drinks and ill be fine.

27 year old drunk here, been drinking strongly for about 6 years now. Managed to stop cold turkey a couple times only by going to AA. First time I lasted about 5.5 months, second time was shorter like maybe a month and a half? Been drinking like a fish since breaking up with gf of three years this summer, starting to worry it's time to go back to AA again before I get too screwed again. Just also scared that it's not going to stick. Their insistence on never drinking a drop, ever again, always made it hard to take seriously in the long-term. Also, religious nonsense.

See that not a single drop stuff isn't normal.. people don't do that. That farce needs to stop if people are to make progress. In sex addict meetings you're told you can never watch porn again.. wtf is that stuff?!

I did

Girlfriend and i are both alcoholics thus we've decided to do blood analysis a month ago.
Turns out, our AST and ALT (liver transaminases) were really high. We took our time to decide to go cold turkey, and it happened, two weeks ago.
As for withdrawal, it is not as heavy as i expected, perhaps because i have a partner to share pain with, so i'd strongly advise not to do it alone if possible. If you don't have anyone privately, maybe you could try those group therapies, meet someone, hang out, i'm sure it will help.

was arrested at

19 for buying beer with a fake ID
23 for a DUI (BAC was .23)
24 battery and disorderly conduct (fight with a bouncer at a strip club) (blew a .22) spent the rest of the night in jail & BAC was still .10 the next day at noon when they released me.

how do people function at BAC levels that high? If i get above like a .12 I start to enter the spins/vomit zone

Tolerance. Your brain adapts by firing neurons more strongly, expecting them to be bathed in alcohol, so you stop feeling the dulling effect and need to drink more to get it. Your brain fires even more strongly, etc until if you suddenly stop drinking, your neurons are still firing way too strongly and you can get seizures (or die if it's an area that controls vitals)

that makes sense. I try to balance out my alcoholism by stretching out my drinks. I start my day with small drinks but focus on making them last. This way I maintain a good drunk without ever getting blacked out, but I assume drinking this way means my tolerance isn't very high. Truth be told I don't get my BAC above .1 often anymore since my college days.

the night i blew 0.32 and broke a fire alarm and went to jail the cop let me ride in the front seat of his car and didn't even handcuff me because I was acting calm. when he showed up i was cleaning up blood off the floor from cutting my hand and cleaning up the mess/glass

he knew I was recently out of the army, generally a good dude that just had a drinking problem and he was kinda sad that he had to arrest me because i finally did something messed up enough that he couldnt ignore it

when your tolerance gets that high from binge drinking all the time its pretty hard to blackout and you just go around acting like a dumbass instead of passing out

1. Just doesn't give me the same feeling it used to, in the end I would only smoked while drinking anyway cause I like the combo of weed and alcohol.
2. Weed is illegal (and kind of expensive) where I live so with the kids and all I don't want to risk it anymore.

Recently for a dui and since blew twice the limit got a machine in my car. I still go out usually uber or just ride with friends but I should stop soon. Also dui are expensive current 3500 to lawyer and like 90 bucks a month on that machine. Not worth it

Dunno if I would be considered a functioning alcoholic. Drink every weekend about 750mL of liquor, alone. Been doing this for 1 year and a half. Every night on the weekends drink myself to sleep. Don't have abstinence symptons, just headaches sometimes

Jesus Christ, I drink that much most nights, maybe I should be more concerned

That's impressive, even for an alcoholic stand of view. If you drink this much, it means that you have about 18 - 22 shots of hard liquor every night

isn't that how much is in an entire 750mL bottle or am I trippin?

If you do the math, it's about this much. This, if you consider a shot to be about 35 to 40 mL

I drink a 750ml bottle of rum most nights or 10-12 beers, I don't even feel drunk after this. Been like this for the past year used to drink about half of this beforehand.

he said a weekend, he's probably not drinking a 750 in one go

or if he is he's drinking it throughout the day

been drinking 7-10 beers a night for years
my only symptoms thus far are being fat as hell, ive been doing this faithfully for at least 5 years, I went to jail for DUI, fleeing evading, 10 years ago, plan on quitting cold turkey today tho

If you stop cold turkey, for sure you'll have withdraw symptons

Different here. I have a habit and timeframe identical to his. One month ago i quit for a week cuz someone said I'd have withdrawals so i tested it.
My symptoms were as follows
>Didn't have diarrhea for once

yeah the diarrhea gets old, how are you sleeping, I tend to lay awake until the daylight if I don't drink

I have That too, If i don't drink i won't sleep.. maybe 3 hours of sleep max before i have to go to work in the morning.
My herpes flares up more often than it should too.. probably because of the daily diarrhea spray with my nutrients

never had the pleasure of contracting an STD, whats your weight? age? by the way?

140lbs 23yo. A girl blew me with a cold sore.. gay. Thankfully its the wrong virus for genital so it's literally just painless redmarks that last 4 days without treatment

20 years old right now and i'm just confused honestly so i drink myself till i throw up and don't stop, i can control myself but if any stress happens I go right to hard liquor, getting messed up every single night. Hopefully I stop..

I am, symptoms? have hereditary depression, at least that's my excuse, been drunk? usually my max days without drink is 3 or 4. No not been to jail, being an alcoholic doesnt mean that, but I guess I've still got time to go

Had a decent office job, sent to work at home. Drank and passed out numerous times, missed work a lot, eventually fired 2 weeks ago.

Drinking every day since, hoping some magical ray of sunshine saves me, I don't know

How to cure addiction. Pack bag full of food and water. Get dropped off in a remote part of Alaska with a Guide to help. Obviously no cigs or alcohol. Survival to get out of the environment is your only choice people.

drank a bottle of glenfiddich in a single night. never remembered anything the next morning. apparently I punched my sister out and tried fighting her.

that was the end for me. it was just so embarrassing. I quit.

Baclofen is being studied for the treatment of alcoholism.[10] While evidence is promising that it may help with alcohol withdrawal syndrome, as of 2015 it is not strong enough to recommend its use for this purpose.

I drink about 3 40s of Mickeys a night. I get drunk, suck dick, and do really dumb stuff. I do this for the last 10 years, going into person mode anyhway. I have been hospitilized for wanting to kill myself,

yes op. I have been. it wasn't pleasant. still didn't change me.

I get the shakes and anxiety first thing in the morning when i wake up. need to have one or can't function
1/10 would not recommend

Tell us your story person? How'd you start and why? Any therapy or have you tried to quit?

slow creep happened over the years. started with just partying on weekends then moved on to having drinks after work then to drinking all weekend from the moment I woke up to drinking every dayfrom the moment I get up till I go to sleep includes hitting bars at lunch hour. I lived alone and was lonely so drinking semed like the thing to do to pass time.

Now I have violent mood swings and anything can st me off if I hit the bottle hard.

shakes don't stop, never sought out therapy, thuoght about it but never went through with. Kinda don't want to stop. I love the drink

I have multiple duis last one got work release and month in jail.

I'm functioning, I binge drink which is worse on the body im all most 29 now have a gf a house, decent job. When I started I has nothing like literaly now I find myself drinking because boredom.

its just a piece of paper kid. go to community college and transfer somewhere else if money is an issue.

or you can just be a little bitch and cry because your daddy is mean

i'm not that person, i was just pointing out that it's pretty hard to get into an ivy league college without a scholarship

Do you want to keep drinking without the physical illness? Do you want to stop drinking and do something else with yourself? Or do you just want to die and get it over with?

That's why it's so hard to quit. No need to be sober for anything, not for work, not for family, can sit around drunk all day on $60 bottles of Scotch with no consequences.

yeah health issues would be your only incentive if you really want to quit for some reason, but not every heavy drinker even gets serious health issues so it's like, who knows?

who here has screwed with this before? got me near blacked out from one mixed drink. Had to bring it in from over state lines too cuz the stuffs banned here in California

I find it mixes better than some vodkas and it gets you stuff tanked.

for real, we mixed it with hawaiian punch and it actually came out bomb, little to no sting which is sort of bonkers for 190 proof

just got myself a bottle of that yesterday, i put it in a 1.75l bottle and filled the rest up with water

I get drunk every single night & drink all day & night on the weekends. I go through about 4 - 5 cases (24 pks) of beer a week.

it's rough now that I have kids.

hello me meet the new me

been doing this for a long, long time. I stayed sober for 3 days in a row in October & that was my longest stretch in years. I still make it in to work & get up with the kids but man there are some rough mornings

Same with me.. functioning, but the mornings im super dehydrated and spray epic diarrhea

If I had more money I would probably be in the same boat. Booze is a bit expensive in Canada, at least it seems more expensive than in the states, thats probably the worst thing about my habit is the fact that it sucks every cent from my wallet whenever I have money. Which isnt super often now that I was fired from my job for being a salty damn every day due to being drunk most nights.

yeah I'm in the liquor business so that doesn't help. I stick with beer ($15.00 a case in Chicago) 90% of the time but also get a lot of free "samples" of liquor to take home.

my kids aren't old enough to know what is going on but they will some day.....

I got arrested a few times when I was younger but I can kind of control my drunken behavior better now that I'm older.

Yeah if you mean a case of 24 then that costs about $26 for the very cheapest stuff here in Ontario (minimum wage here is $11/hour). I was working at a bar when I got fired so it was pretty much a given that I drank every day. Didnt get a deal on it though so it sucked my money even faster. Thankfully never been arrested, ive mostly just lost every friend ive ever had and screwed off on all responsibility. Been lucky with the law so far.

toronto here. there are no $26 dollar cases of beer in Ontario. all $30 plus

Define alcoholic. I don't get drunk everyday, nor do i get piss drunk everytime i touch alcohol, but it is my favorite drug and i do drink alot more than i should.

22 year old alcoholic here. Was drinking a fifth of vodka a day, but have 10 days sober now. Also just got off of house arrest for a dui today. Feels good.

Why do I get so dehydrated after a day of not drinking for once despite having had plenty of water? It's weird as hell. Also, withdrawal dreams are great.

Sup person. Definitely alcoholic. Got arrested 4-5 times w/ 3 DWI's. Curbed drinking significantly a few years ago and havent drank recently (35 days).

well i drink about a 24x0.33 case of beer per week, and then get pretty smashed on the weekends but im german so i guess thats considered normal.

nah im actually 27, its not something i really want to do very much, i just miss the drunk feeling enough that i'm trying to fill the void

I was like that when I deployed. I got back and my hometown bars had a "free drinks to all returning soldiers" that night. I took advantage of that, and continued to drink every night for 3 weeks after we got home.

On that last day of the 3 weeks, 3 chicks that I had banged since I got home were at the bar and I was juggling trying to finesse all of them without a huge argument happening. I had one of those "clarity" moments, and I realized that I was the exact same as I had been prior to deployment. An entire year in Afghanistan and I come home to be a drunk piece of crap.

I put my beer down, walked to my dad's house (4 miles at 1 am in the country), and did yardwork for 1 month straight. Enrolled in college, fast forward 5 years to now, working on my second degree, don't drink, also haven't been laid since. Worth it.

ive been sober for 1 week today after a 4 year rampage.
If you want to quit the first 3days are the worst.
Just hang in there person

Yes. Dealing. BingeBlackoutdamnup. Feelsickman. 25 years. No, but have been arrested, hospitalized, charges dropped. Bad experience.

This had the potential to be an interesting thread, if OP had stuck with it.

Oh well, I'll move on.

Best of luck, alcohol bros

been a functioning alcoholic for almost 20 years. been arrested 3 times - all alcohol related.

constantly drunk
this is good music or am i just smahes

all Hans Zimmer is good music, but he's done much better than this

For example:

ih man insterstellar, that some good stuff no doubt

that's probably my favorite piece Zimmer has ever written. The scene in the film is excellence too.

Yeah i like it as well but being a DC fan i prefer that stuff

Also, anyone else sleep walk when they drink too much? Sick of waking up in weird places

just get student loans like everyone else person

you sound like a pussy

if you drink more than 3 beers every day of the week. you're an alcoholic.

i get too hungerover to be an alcoholic, pretty sure i'd be one otherwise

after enough time and dedication the hangovers pretty much stop. Also if you have any smarts about it whatsoever you train yourself to also drink water the entire time you're drinking.

Alcoholics are constantly hung over bro... We just accept its the way we are going to feel in everyday life and continue on

so true. when I was young I could just sleep til 4:00 in the afternoon & get up ^ start over, now I'll stay up drunk til say 2:00 am & have to get up with the kid at 5:30 am. just used to it I guess.

Eventually you get to where you're drinking so much, you still have a ton of alcohol in your system even the next morning, and by the time that's gone and the hangover would normally start, you're drinking again.

if you drink cheap stuff and low-alcohol stuff to get completely hammered it's a guaranteed hangover.

the hangover is usually caused by all of the other stuff in the alcohol. when you distill aocohol the first thing that drips out is bad like methanol and acetone. later it turns to pure ethanol, and at the end it's more stuff. cheaper liquors just blend it all together, more expensive ones will seperate out the beginning, middle, and end and sell the middle for drinking

Most of a hangover comes from dehydration.

Found 50$
Gonna get drunk tonight lads. /woo/

who did u scam or steal it from really
being a real drunk i know of this

Japan. Canadian expat, ironically enough. :/

Haha not even close to a alcoholic

I'm active still

try baclofene

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