What's the best way to find out if someone is cheating?

lately my gf has been going out of the house more frequently, like going out with friends, going jogging etc. we've always been having less sex, down to a couple of times a week max. what's making me even more paranoid is that it kinda started after she met a new friend which happens to be black. i really do llke them so the idea that she'd cheat on me with one is driving me insane. any advice ?

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So mate, I suspect that the thread might die soon, I'll try to give you some advice.

Firstly, think about what you would accept and make a red line. Would be an accidental one time cheat be forgivable? Multiple but she ended it? More than that?

After you got your line, do multiple things. Firstly, try to fo more with her. Go have dinner and nonsense. Try to have more sex. If she doesn't want, remember, in most relationships sex drive gets lower.

Then try to figure out her schedule. How long is she away when jogging? Is it realistic in that time that she meets a guy? Are the inner soles of her running shoes damp with sweat?

Same goes for her going out. Maybe call her about some nonsense etc., ask her to bring xx from where she is (allegedly in the city at xx cafe? Bring yy from store nearby)

You could try different mobile location stuff, since you have access to her phone. Google that stuff also I'm sure there are ways to hide it from plain sight of the normal mobile user.

The sound recorder is possible too, but if she finds it it could damn a possible normal relationship up.

Good luck op.

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Just put a GPS logger on her car for two weeks. Monitor data. When she leaves the third week you will know where she going. Take a different route there, but get there about the same time. Watch from afar. Across the street, with camera. Get picture of her with the dude going into a motel or whatever. If that's not an option get a discrete audio recorder, and slip into her purse. One that looks like a pen or something. Get it out when she comes home to shower off the person. Play it back later to listen for what happens. Fap while you get cucked. Wait for her to leave again. Empty every place she had clothes. Print the photos and put back in drawers, etc. When you see/hear her start coming back, blast the moment she got creamed by the bbc as she walks in. Tell her to get her stuff and get out, or if you'd prefer, tell her where the clothing donation box is that you left all her belongings at.

Mate, there are 2 kinds of women:

Women who drunkenly have a guy once and come clean. Usually by themselves, because they feel like stuff.

Then there are women who cheat, regulary. They won't come clean except if beeing forced (by evidence).

Do you really think if she didn't tell you already and changed her habits etc she will come clean NOW because you are like "baaee, I wanna have more sex, is something wrong?"

No sorry mate.

She might as well just think "oh damn, he's onto me" and will have more sex with you to satisfy you and will be more cautious.

IF she cheats at all.

OP, even the fact that you think she may be is an indication that your relationship is under major stress.

You need to work on the trust bro. You may need to talk about her sex drive, her fantasies. If you wish to make this work, sadly, you need to talk with her. I wouldn't recommend flat out asking her. I am sure she will hide the truth. No point in wasted energy. Think about it. You already don't trust her. Whatever she says, outside of her admitting cheating, you won't believe. So the question is. OP do you want to be with her? If so, then work on it. Otherwise move on.

get a drone, this guy found out his wife
was cheating by flying a drone to find her
which shows he was probably insane already


the people busting hi swifes balls about
drones is pretty funny tho



"Hey gf, i wanna have more sex again blabla." "ooh I can tell from the twitch of your eye that you're lying."

Maybe you had just retarded gfs, but hell, I know bitches who could lie you in the face and you would have no clue.

stuff, especially with that topic.

I think you're autistic in thinking every human is that easy to read.

keyloggers, gps trackers. hidden cameras, voice recorders.
semen detection kits. private detectives etc etc get her phone and go through pictures, apps, sms, whats app, facebook.

if someone has the audacity to cheat than nothing is off limits to find out the truth imo.

cover your tracks....

OP, sit down with your girlfriend and talk with her about your sex life together. Mention that you'd like more sex etc, see how she reacts to talking about it all. You'll probably be able to notice if she's cheating just by how she reacts to conversation like that

the audio recorder might be the best way. she doesn't drive that often, when she joggs she's obviously on foot and when she goes out she's not always the one driving. she goes out with friends sometimes and they take turns on driving

Sure mate, while a good talk might fix your relationship if she's NOT cheating, if she is, talking won't help.

Any finding out if she's cheating by her reaction? What? Women are geniuses if it comes to hiding the truth.

yeah maybe it should try again. i already did that once but she said she was mostly just exhausted because she's been working out more, the jogging etc. we did have sex very shortly after the conversation

the good ones seem expensive though. might also be hard to hide, if i but one of order it i'd have to make sure she doesn't know i have it or if she ever does notice it flying around i'm screwed.

Your sixth sense is never wrong, proved myself dozen of times.

I'm sorry to break it for you, but she is cheating.
No one ever questioned his gf of cheating and found out he was wrong. No one.

i need some ways to find out for sure though. i know that it's already bad for a relationship to have doubts like this but i do really love her so i want to be sure before i do anything.

be black
befriend white girl
everyone thinks you're and wants to start stuff with you.

everytime. I love the show sherlock but can't ever have friends to talk about it with.

we've been together for a long time i really do love her. i don't want to do anything before i'm certain. i don't want to throw away a good relationship because i was a paranoid damn

6 inches ? come on OP you have nothing on the cock she's taking right now. i hope you don't eat pussy often or you'll have eaten some of his by now, no doubt about it.

i suggest cameras, then you'll be able to see her with a real man, if you see how he ruins her tight white you'll understand she isn't to blame for cheating on you.

yeah i'll be honest i don't really know what to look for if she'd lie.
i definitely want to work on it, i know this trust issue isn't good but i do love her.

From someone who has been cheated on in every relationship I've ever had. I hate to tell you but it sounds like she's most likely already cheating on you.

it's not just because he's black, it's mostly the timing. he's the only new person in her life at the time she started to change some of her habits.

ok just cut it out. even if she is cheating she isn't going to go bareback, she's not that stupid.

no that's not something i'd want to see

that's not funny man. but even if you weren't trolling, when she gets home home jogging she showers immediately when she gets back

so persons, it's almost guaranteed that's she's taking the black cock. do you guys think she's taken in up the ass already aswell ?

i've never seen her use it over the years we've been together and when i checked her phone yesterday it wasnt installed either.

just do the same to her.
if your scenario is true, it's already to late.
never act needy, bro.

>POF , plenty of fish

it's worth a try though ? if she is cheating maybe she'll come clean since it hasn't been long since the last time i asked.

i've checked her messages a few times but didn't find anything.
this might help. what information does it show ?

that sucks person. but it's alarming to me because we used to have sex almost daily. and anal maybe once a week.

Exercise usually makes people hornier. Try it again when she doesn't have an excuse to not answer your questions

Wait until she comes home. Pull down her pants and eat her. If it tastes like semen then she's cheating on you.


kek this is great

Youbcan always rigg up a pedometer. Kf zhe was actually jogging. Youd see digits

doesn't matter size or whatever, its the thrill, the new. the not allowed

It's subtle, but you can tell when they're lying if you're not autistic.

A couple times? Wish I could have that. Always been once a week for us.

she's never complained about mine though, i'm a about 6 inches.

you took that seriously, yeesh. if you dont trust her dump her

shes cheating, the cheatingcock is allways the better, sorry

Can't you just check her messages on her phone/mail ?

i do think his gf does like the upgrade though

Also if she has Android, enable location history.

Ez. She showers, you check her whatsapp :)

Install keylogger.
Works every time.

That's what she wants you to think

yeah i'll definitely try again

Spy on her with a drone playa

neither of us uses whatsapp

Thinly veiled cuck fantasy.

hire a PI

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