Which fictional places would you like to visit some time?

If you could visit ANY fictional place that only exists in literature or video games, which would you like to visit? Don't worry, anything is possible!

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I think it would be outstanding to live in Rome during the height of the Roman empire. Or even in Athens around 400 B.C.E. The culture, atmosphere and lifestyle would be next level interesting.

I realize that these places aren't fictional but i thought it was close to the threads topic.

Just go to brussels.

I see your Rome and raise you one Carthage

Other Answers:

I'd like to hop a Burroughs Irrelevancy Bus and do a bar crawl that includes the Mended Drum, Draco Tavern, the Green Dragon, Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, The Mos Esley Casino, Cohan's in Innisfree and the Ink and Paint Club.

Minas Tirith
The Dale and the city under the Mountain
Wien, Moscow and Petersburg in the 17,18 and beginning of 19th century for the classical music. Maybe Paris during Napoleon's reign.

Morrowind. Would love to see the vegetation and take a boat to Vvardenfel and visit Vivec

those pictures are amazing! please share more
but this life is also beautiful :)

I love staring at yes album artwork and imagining what it'd be like to be there.

King's Landing, obviously. I'd definitely pay a visit to Littlefinger's hotel.

plenty of ladies in Croatia, go for it mate

I would walk around all smug because I know everyone's business.

Deffo stop of at Ted Grundy's for a beer.

You do realise Kings landing actually exists right? Pic taken yesterday at Dubrovnik, croatia. Zadar & Sibinik also serve as setting for GoT in Croatia


Now, that would be some serious cities to tour.

Coruscant would be crazy, def need a guide. In the books they talk about how you can't even find dirt anymore, because the city keeps building up new layers. There's no poor districts, just poor levels. The farther down, away from the sun, the worse it gets.

Hoth, I like cold, inhospitable places because the normies stay away.

I'd like a little house in the Ascadian Isles region.

I bet it's great too, but I hate beaches.

I think Noveria would be pretty comfy

A safe, clean & civilised part of Africa.

Midgar would be a great place to go !

Citadel would be great for a visit.

I'd rather visit Virmire

>it's not an interesting topic

Pokémon version of Japan.

So... Japan, then?

but with pokemon and without the s playing pokemon goy

Columbia (The Bioshock one)

Rather go to Rapture, hit up the amusement park at Fontaine Futuristics.

Kazakhstan of course

Bielefeld is real

hogwarts obvi


Holy Terra.



I was thinking Belgium could be a pretty nice place



I want to visit Mordor. From what I read right now there's a ceasefire, and there are a few tour companies with private guides offering tours.

Has anyone been? How to stay safe?

Just don't forget to bring Sam with you and you'll be fine.

Nut what if he can't carry the ring for me?

Sam's Tours was the most reliable one, but he decided to retire and go away to to the West. Not sure if any good ones remain.

Bree for me.

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