How to deal with getting sick during your travels.

Hi guys. I started backpacking early September and started having cold like symptoms mid way. Sore throat, coughing, nasally voice, etc. Did have one fever but mostly have been powering through it. Its nothing crazy, but I've been "sick" for almost a month now and I'm taking a day in to try to recuperate. I've taken 3 days in Berlin of just staying in, sleeping, eating, and no drinking but alas, I'm in Krakow now, in bed. Any advice? IF any of you are familiar with Krakow, is there some magical Polish remedy? Thanks a lot.
Makes me homesick, agh.

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I was a bit sick in Thailand. To deal with it I just started taking it easy, and stopped going to cheap hostels and. I slept in a few quiet hotels near Chang Mai, stopped interacting with people and just took a bit of time for myself.

It was nice to slow down a little bit. The only thing I remember that sucked was that I couldn't taste food any more. The delicious thick noodles I had every day were boring. I was so happy when I tasted a crappy 7-Eleven sandwich for the first time again after 3 days.

Then I went by train to Bangkok and I met a Dutch girl which I fell in love with. But that's a story for another time.

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I ended up with a "travel cough" in Poland after drinking for 13 days straight. Still managed to get in bed with a few Polish girls though so there's always hope. I went to a pharmacy to get something for my throat since I literally couldn't talk. The stuff they gave me did not help at all.

My suggestions is to just take it easy like you're doing, get a good sleep and then just power through it. That's what I did and eventually I got better.

I was just in Budapest before this and drank like an absolute monster and shagged so many people. I reckoned I gave my sickness to them but nope, still coughing my lungs out. The uncomfortable hostel bed doesn't help either. I think I'm going to go get some gripex, recommended to me by reception and take a nap. ... then go on a pub crawl at 10. Cheers.

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