Is 30k enough to travel the world?

Is 30k enough to travel the world? How far can you go with that amount of money?

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So say I trek across central american into southamerica. take plane to spain and trek to italy, take plane to egypt , go to India, and than fly to Thailand and do all of SEA and than return home. Home much money we talking here

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guy who has lived in toronto for 25 years here

canada has some beautiful places but there's really not much going on in toronto itself unless you like major league sports or have friends here or something.

cmon guys
3-4 days in Toronto would be great
... Niagara,winaries, CN Tower, DT Clubs,CasaLoma and ugly girls on jervis street

Skip Toronto and go to Montreal, Quebec city, or anywhere from Calgary west until the ocean. Toronto is drab land of souls lost to an ever more difficult rat race.

Okay, I'm not from Toronto and I'll agree it's not worth going to when compared to the other large American or Canadian cities.

Toronto is on my list

Something I made up a few weeks ago, planning on doing this in summer of 2018. costs are strictly travel.

My wife and I did 8 countries for 10k for the both of us. Not just 3rd world terrible places, either.

australia is going to break your bank most of all, and the airplane cost especially.

Buy a sailboat for 10k use other 20k for travel u should be good for 10 years

Depends what you mean by "the world"

Canada, South America, Spain and Italy, Amsterdam, Jordan, Egypt, Jew, South east asia, Australia

You should skip Canada altogether

t. a canadian

this, go away we're full. also he should invest most of it and travel on the rest

What definition of "the world" are you using? That's a paltry list of basic bitch regions.

this with Business RTW ticket - easy
will cost you like 10K usd

hmm. I did it and it says all my flights would be 7k together. That's flying into Mexico and treking to panama, flying from panama to columbia, treking across south america and flying out of argentina into Spain, treking into Italy and flying out into Egypt, flying out of Egypt into India, treking across cities and flying out of egypt into Thailand, treking to Vietnam and flying into Japan, and than flying back home.

yep sounds about right
try 2 more, they should be lit bit cheaper
collect miles - get discounts do your research

I've lived in a couple different big cities here and I currently live in Toronto.

What the other Canadian said is true. Skip this country, it really is a terrible place compared to most places, cold and depressing. Most people here are caught up in the rat race and have forgotten how to enjoy life past going to the club on fri/sat and getting so messed up they temporarily forget their bad Mon-Fri routines.

TLDR: Canada is expensive and depressing.

Good luck combining Jordan and Israel.

Still need more info....

How long do you want to stay in each place?

If you only want to stay 1 night in each place, then yes, 30k will be more than enough...

Canada for like 2 weeks
South America for 1.5 months
Spain and Italy for 4 weeks combined >Amsterdam for a week
Jordan for 2 weeks
Egypt for a week
Jew for a week
South east asia 2 months
> Australia for 3 weeks

Israeli here
We take our airport secuirty very seriously so if they see stamps from Jordan or Egypt, they'll make your whole airport experience very unpleasnt
But since they don't stamp passports in Israel, you can maybe visit it first and then the other 2

Is it true you guys love Americans?

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