Where are the bars without "ghetto" culture in SF?

Where are the bars without "ghetto" culture in SF? I keep going out to Polk St and am disappointed by the bars playing 99% hip hop and the of "ghetto" guys / low quality women. Is there a better area around Northeast San Francisco for drinking with more normal people?

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I really liked Toronado in Haight St.

Probably SF's best beer bar. Dozens of taps, hundreds of bottles. Largely a beer-nerd crowd but more rock than hip-hop.

Also good is Molotov's, across Haight and a block to the West. Rock bar. Excellent punkish/vintage garage jukebox. Rockers, punks, hipsters, weirdo neighborhood locals like me.

Another rock bar would be Lucky 13, on Market at the easternmost edge of the Castro. Owned by same ppl as Molotov's, open at 11AM. Gets a diverse crowd, rockers, a few bikers.

Or go someplace expensive. No hip hop in Whitechapel, a gin bar and restaurant on Polk. Tech kids on dates and hipster women over 30.

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