Places and beaches packed with women in bikinis

Places and beaches packed with women in bikinis

I've lived in LA for years and the women there never dress like this

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Go to a beach in North California.
Maybe drive down the road for once to find somewhere your tastes rather than dreaming about the continent while at home.

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Almost every beach in Spain or France. Actually, the people on your pic have a bit too many clothes on for Spain/France.

This, I live on the Mediterranean in France and topless women are common as hell

these bathing suits are very islamophobic, we need more burkinis to be honest

Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy

Basically, the warm parts of Europe

this, but you're missing a few cool spots. Croatia has some (not most, you have to look for them) awesome beaches, nudism is accepted. And France is unbeatable when it comes to nudism, though on everything else Spain's coast is better.

Also, some spots of Bulgaria and Romania are nice. The quiet ones, not full of tourists.

every beach in Brasil

Miami, South Beach

this. well, sort of... like 45% women, 55% flamboyantly gay dudes

Cuban Beaches

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