Tips for surviving a Grehound bus ride

I'm on one of these bad boys right now, how screwed am I?

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One time at a stop from Charleston to NYC (the bus was somewhere in new york by now) I had just got done eating at a food court and I could've sworn the driver had parked some where else when ever I went to reboard. I was half asleep from drifting in and out of sleep too. When I reboard I think I can remember the people from the bus trip but I'm not sure plus the outside of the bus wasn't familiar so I ask the bus driver when everybody was getting on if this was the right bus heading to NYC. He literally started yelling at me telling me I better not be trying this on him. I was confused and asked him what he meant. He went on accusing me of trying some stuff on him and was basically touting how he could kick me off and leave me here if he wanted to and told me I was in New York now and wasn't gonna be able to handle it. He was black, I'm white, if I wasn't on camera and had had ample amount of money in the bank I would've knocked that person out right there. He was all smiles with the blacks on the bus he felt good bullying some young teenager. God I cannot stand persons. He reiterated the point how I wouldn't be able to handle myself in NY once we finally got to Port Authority. I guess it's all good though I screwed a bunch of black dudes and even a chick during the time I spent there.

its better to spend a few extra hundred dollars for a train or try to find a more expensive bus business for still relatively cheap travel so you don't spend time around the dregs of society.

Pay attention to what bus you're on and have a look at the destination sign,genius.

I screwed a bunch of black dudes
It's amazing how many "thugs" are gay/bisexual in the NYC area.

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For how long? An afternoon? Not screwed at all. Hope you have a good book to read and can avoid having to take a stuff.

Up to maybe 24 hours, I'd say you are not particularly screwed, just uncomfortable, and maybe getting too many glimpses of America's dismal underbelly while seated next to a deranged wino.

Two days? Maybe bordering on screwed.

More than that, I think you are condemned to think about the fact that much better options weren't all that much more expensive. And you now have lice and pink eye.

I did a four day trip across the country in a Greyhound, from Washington DC to Seattle. Contrary to all the internet horror stories about greyhound buses, I really enjoyed the trip and I'm planning on doing it again. It really teaches you patience and give you opportunity to see parts of america that you wouldn't normally see. Always watch your luggage though, don't board the bus without having seen an employee put your bag on the bus.

I took a 15 hour bus ride from White River, Ontario to Toronto. Wasn't too bad because I think the guy beside me and I started to get cabin fever at the same time so we entertained each other by making weird jokes and telling stupid stories

For the most part people are relaxed in the bus.

It's the actual bus station that have all the loonies hanging around.

Window seat is always nice. Even better if no one sits beside you.

Try to look as mean and agitated as possible.

Well, there was this Australian girl who told me that her friend was travelling on this type bus that was pulled over by the militia and were taken hostage. They made it out safe, but all of their luggage got burned.

In what country??

A friend of mine once was on a bus where everone except her got the Noro virus. So it was a stuff feast the whole 48h!

Hated my ride, but it was 24 hours total.

Train ride was longer, but way more comfy.

I hope you brought a pillow and got a window seat.

No pillow, but I have a window seat and no one next to me!
Trains sound a lot nicer but sadly not convenient for me.

Thank god not that long at all. Only 4 hours. Would be 8 if my SO's brother wasn't picking me up at the teminal. The overlay times suck.

Yeah, took it with no expectation of promptness.

Scenic as hell, excited for my next ride, will be skipping greyhound this time though.

pretty screwed, get a TB skin test afterwards

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