I still don't know why I should avoid Vienna, why is it overrated?

I'm visiting Vienna next week with the gf but I've heard alot of people say its overrated without being able to give me a good explanation. Any advice on the pittfalls and/or must do's? I've visited the ski areas of Austria before and speak some German.

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I had a nice time there, I saw loads of egon shiele paintings, beetoven's grave, little hedgehogs on the street and there's this crazy theme park called Prater that runs 24 hrs, theres a roller coaster that is a pitch dark room with these flashy lights, it felt like and lsd trip or something.

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I wouldn't say it is overrated but it is definitely expensive.

There are some great palaces and museums, and there is overall lots of great history throughout the city.

Schönbrunn Palace is a great alternative to Versailles, especially given the hordes of tourists at the latter.

Vienna is only fun if you're genuinely interested in history/arts.
If you are culturally inclined (music, theatre, arts, history) there are tons things to do... For young guys looking to roam around and have fun it tends to be expensive as hell and boring.

For young guys looking to roam around and have fun it tends to be expensive as hell and boring.
I would recommend Prague or Budapest for those people


Bratislava is only a short trip away and has eastern European price levels.

Also a convenient location if you are looking to get robbed by a cop.

my Uncle works there as a cop, maybe you met him!

There is plenty to see and do. What exactly do you like and want to see? History? Culture? Food? Party?

Not OP, but I wanna know more about this aspect.

Only one adress:

60€ per 30min session after paying entry. High quality, no shady stuff and completely legal.

I was there just a few weeks ago. Can recommend. Lots of hotties to choose from. Probably 80% of them are from Romania though.


Are there any escorts in Vienna?

I'd be more interested in architecture, history and food. Not really into classical music or partying there.
I usually also try to limit my museum visits to the essential must-see ones.

more interested in architecture, history and food
You'll love Vienna then, it's a great historical destination. I used the Vienna Pass when I was there for a few days earlier in the year; it's a good deal with free entry to most stuff (only the Belvedere Palace was excluded, I think). Top museum / historical attractions are the art history museum, the Schonbrunn Palace, the Albertina and the Military museum (I actually found it quite dull but you do get to see the car and bloodstained uniform Franz Ferdinand died in). There's also the main palace in Vienna which has a whole bunch of stuff in it. The cathedral is worth seeing and another church called Karlskirsche which has an elevator going up to the painted dome.
I can't say I wasn't tempted when I was there...

I might skip the military museum, have already seen enough of those, but the rest looks good and I'll look into the Vienna pass. Is everything in walking distance from the city center or do you really need to depend on the metro/subway?

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