Good cities in the Basque country to spend a couple of nights in

What is a good city in the Basque country to spend two nights in? I'm looking for something that's somewhat easy to reach from Barcelona and easy to get out of to Gijón.

On a semi related note, what is a good city in Austrias to visit, that in turn is easy to get to from the Basque country and easy to get out of to Galicia?

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San Sebastián is prettier than Bilbao and famous for its food, but it's not as well connected, besides, Bilbao also has its charm.

Asturias is not famous for having especially nice cities, the best way to experience Asturias is to go to small towns like Ribadesella, Llanes, Lastres, etc. or do some outdoorsy stuff.

If you must go to a city in asturias go to Oviedo, it's quite pretty and pleasant, but there isn't that much to do.

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Bilbao was my personal favourite when I was there last year. Went to watch a football match and the atmosphere was electric.

I would say Saint Jean de Luz or Bayonne.

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