How far can you stretch $5000 backpacking in Vietnam and Cambodia?

I have about ~$5000 saved up and plan on backpacking across Vietnam, and maybe Cambodia if I get that far. I don't plan on staying in 5 star hotels and eating at high end restaurants everyday, but is this enough for, say, a month of wandering the country and seeing what kind of wacky adventures I can stumble into?

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1500$ a month is enough without trying too hard in 90% of the places of the world.

You won't spend more than 4k including everything flights and vaccination etc.

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That is enough for a month. Rent a nice scooter and you're good to go. You will find decent hotels for $15 - $20 a night. You could find them for less too, Ive stayed in places for as little as $6/night.

You can eat 3 meals for $5. I found really good pho for $1.60 usd. When I realized how cheap food was I was paying $15/day for good food rather than double portions of street food.

he thinks the food in Vietnam is good
Yeah, maybe if you're a poor person with no tastebuds. Also it's cheaper and better in Thailand.

"Good" in regards to quality of food, not flavor.

But damn.. Vietnamese food is probably the nicest taste I've had in the whole world, everything tastes so fresh and delicious!

Cheap hotel/dorm - $5-20
Local meal - 50c-$3
Higher tier/western meal - $5-20
Beer - 50c-$2

Yes you'll be fine. You will have plenty left over to splurge on fancy accommodation/souvenirs/whatever.

Alright, thanks for the input guys. Guess I was worried for no reason.

From experience in combodia the babes oh boy they just fall in love with a 6'5 white man haha God your bringing back flash backs I know it's not a story thread but ugh I want to make one

5k for a month would have you living a straight hotel tourist life the entire time.

You could probably spend 2.5-3 months there pretty comfortably on that.

The fun is cheap there meth heroin pot also some parrents will let you have their daughter have fun :)

That's enough for about 5 years.

you live on 1000/year in vietnam?

Yeah, most locals live on way less than $100/month.

what's that lifestyle like?

Eat delicious food, damn beautiful women, have fun with loyal friends, probably a lot better than yours.

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