How can i meet girls when I'm new in a new city and i dont know anyone?

Hi im in a new city and i dont know anyone, just people from my new job, how can i meet girls ? i have been in a relationship for 10 years and i lost the practice, im 35

im 5`6
not really handsome or ugly
a bit fat
> shy but after a few im fun i think

Top Answer:

Start with work. Get to know their friends.

Find an alpha friend

Learn to start talking to people randomly in various situations (like a movie line).

Learn to take rejection easily.

Know that unless ur complete disgusting 9/10 looks don't matter after 5 minutes.

Confidence is key

i know their friends and also forget about the shy thing, that was only in the job after a while it dissapear and with new people out of job im not shy, so how i get +7/10 girls ? please help me

im ok about rejection

Sounds like you'll be fine. Just network.

Be personable.

Promote trust with your new friends through your old friends.

im not fine, been alone for a year now, cant get girls

then u have no confidence.

Picking up girlls is easy. May not get you instantaneously laid but if u can't do that u got issues.

the key is talk much to them all the time of anything ?

I picked up a girl the other day in a movie line

Common interests:check
Cute girll: check
Non threatning place and demeanour :check

Asked her if she's seeing what I'm seeing.

insta convo

5 minutes later she motioned me to sit next to her

I was having put that night

Keep them interested. Make them think your interested.

Also try and avoid the friend zone.

how can i get beauty girls ? i only get the ugly and easy ones

also im educated to them, they are with me also, fun sometimes, but i never make the atack, i dont know how

Just wait for the right moment and ask like an adult.

so, normal conversation every day and ater a week, say something like wanna drink a coffe or a bear tonight ?


My younger friend setup a friend over dinner

held her hand
looked right into her eyes
hey I like you, u wanna have fun on the side?

Alpha as hell

That takes filtering.

Networking will be key.

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why lol ? am i screwed?

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