How to go about dating a single mom, who is looking for a daddy?

A girl on Tinder says she's a single mom & they need a daddy.
Who is gonna step up and be the man she needs. Raise another mans kid?

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I've had a close friend that had sole custody of his daughter after a crazy ex wrecked his life. Met another wonderful woman with a child from a similar situation. They are crazy in love now and truly had an understanding and respect for each others' situation. That said, this girl you show is probably a bad idea for lots of guys since they aren't in that place in their lives. Nothing wrong with her. She messed up, sure. But we aren't saints. Just hope whichever guy goes for her comes from a similar past so baggage isn't an issue.

I'm wishing single moms to meet single dads all the same, but that's an unlikely scenario for the majority of them. It seems that ni matter the country, family law judges are mostly women and guess who always gets kid's custody. It doesn't matter how bad and irresponsible the mother is - she'll get the kid over the father, because single father is always a weirdo to them (female judges). And this is who single moms can thank for their misery - another females in position of power.

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I wouldn't mind dating a single mom, BUT I would make up some ground rules;

1) I am not in any way expected to care for the child financially

2) I am free to go and do what I wish without any child interfering. If I want to go on a weekend trip with my friends, I should be able to without any nagging.

3) The child will not call me dad.

Other than that, I wouldn't mind forming some form of bond with the child, but that's of my own free will then and no forced responsibility.

I should also say I don't want a child of my own. At all. So on the positive side a single mother might be satisfied and not nag at me about any children as she has already fulfilled that need.

My first match on Tinder, 21 yo, Heavy makeup, but attractive nonetheless
I text her "hello, how's your day?" After several hours she texts back: "Good so far, just got back home from a walk with my sonny"
I paniced so hard I've turned off my phone completely, after an hour or so text her back: "Sorry I'm not looking for a married woman" and quickly unmatch her before she replies

Technically not a cuckhold, but still only an idiot would do that.
By starting a family with her, you're investing your time and money into raising offspring that isn't yours. In the animal kingdom, many males would kill the baby then impregnate her with their own goods.

In our late 20s, my gf has a single friend with baby. Further, friend is now religious (bahai?) and wont have it before marriage. Wonders why she hasnt had a date since the kid, even though shes fit and moderately good looking

Staying with a woman that already has a kid is incredibly stupid. I would never do it. You can have fun with them and what not, but eventually you move on and find yourself a girl without the baggage and problems.

I'm talking about a woman's need for physical contact they aren't like men who can be alone and don't care women need to be held touched... of no one is doing it to them eventually they'll settle for another man

she looks alright.
Looks are not everything, and you can see it. She is the type of girl who would go with an irresponsible douche with no protection.

Apparently my younger brother thinks this is an acceptable life style. How do i prevent him and his girl from having their OWN baby? Serious question.

Take responsibility for another mans mistake, just to tap some irresponsible, impulsive girl with no foresight.

Yeah, where do I apply.

my question is, what is so horribly wrong with her that would make someone leave. she looks alright...

They think it demonstrates that they're strong willed because they raise a child alone. In reality it makes it easier for us since we see it and immediately go "nope".

Mental issues. Why would she even be on tinder looking for a dad?

a complete psycho. Showing strange men your child on a pic? You already know the problems and mental issues this woman will bring into your life.

Can you open my brothers eyes? He doesnt want to admit that dating a baby mama is no bueno.

She probably has just as high standards as before too. I don't get why any man would do it


Makes poor life choices
Probably won't be her last bad decision

What's the deal with those girls putting pics of their kids on tinder?

that is the definition of cuck person.

no, a cuckhold is a guy who likes to watch his 'girlfriend' go about with other guys,

You've never read shakespeare apparently.
Look up the definition of Cuckold, go ahead, I'll wait.

No. A cuckold is a man who's wife produces offspring he did not sire. Seeing as how none of us are married to that woman we cannot be cuckolds. However, that woman is very attractive, so that begs the question; why did her child's father leave her? She could be a widow(unlikely), her partner could have Ben unfaithful(again, she's very pretty so unlikely), or she could have been the cheater herself(most likely).

Or she left him because he's a turd?

Possible, but why would she go as far as to have a child with him if he was a turd?

Which means she knowingly went with a turd, or was too dumb to notice.

You don't have to wear condoms to prevent pregnancy in 2016.

Condoms literally have a 12% failure rate though. (Look up their pearl index).

If you wear a condom properly you won't get a women pregnant.

NOPE. As I said, look up the pearl index. Even when properly worn it goes only down to around 2%. That is still A LOT WORSE than almost all other forms of contraception, including even (symptothermal) NFP.

It's sad when you see a gorgeous woman with a baby on tinder
Part of me wants to start dating her just so this lonely sweet woman doesn't cave in from being alone and starts persons

19, has a kid that looks 2 maybe 3 years old.

Probably got pregnant when she was 16.

It's not sad, it makes me happy that she has that child with her which flags her immediatly as a girl to be avoided at all cost.

Hopefully it's her little brother... praying it's her little brother or nephew

you sir !! , know your business, +1 to you

Bad decisions were made

if widow then less screwed i guess, but look at those eyes. she is crazy man.

She could be a widow(unlikely),
Not necessarily unlikely. I dated a 24 year old who was a widow.

That's a hit it and quit it scenario.

I totally would i love kids

Where is she from?

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