I'm thinking of giving it all up and joining the French foreign legion.

Life is bad and I'm stuck in this circle of work-eat-sleep. I'm thinking of giving it all up and joining the French foreign legion.

I'm 21yo and I have some military background from the Finnish navy as a coastal ranger, but I know these educations have very little in common but relevant none the less. I've studied some French but i won't be any better than the next man.

I'm thinking about going after January as soon as possible.

You have any stories? Anyone close been there? Any advise? Should I go or not? Tell me what you think about this. Currently at work as usual but I'm seriously considering this.

1500 euros a month, free citizenship afterwards.

Top Answer:

Your military background will help you a lot in the "gestapo" interview.

If you go for 3REI or 2REP, you WILL see combat. I did 2REP. Training sucked but once you're past camp and you're in Calvi it's very fun parachuting by the beach. The money is minimal, but you learn lots of camaraderie.

It's not something you should go try out for unless you KNOW you want to do it. I thought very long and hard about it before I went, over a year.

It's a five year commitment, and you won't leave France the whole time except for deployment. You get 45 days leave a year to spend in mainland france. The money is minimal unless you're deployed. Then you're making about 4000 euro a month.

Training will knock you down physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have never done anything as hard as Legionnaire bootcamp. You also get the sense as we say "Your FAMAS is worth more than you are." You are expendable, your equipment is not. Accept that, be humble, and think very very hard before you commit.

Also if you fail the Gestapo interview you're done. Never again to try out. Of the 30 people that tried out with me only six made it.

do they take Juvie Felons? if they're willing to commit?

Anyone can apply as long as you're not wanted by Interpol, have committed no murders, and no trafficking.

Most legionnaires from western nations ARE felons.... That or germans

whats the biggest thing about Gestapo interview?

I truly couldn't tell you. They're really just trying to weed out the adventurers, civilians, etc. People that really have no business joining the legion. Joining requires 100% commitment, the gestapo interview is a way of checking you out to see if you really jive with their mentality.

Be honest. If they disqualify you, then chances are they have a good reason. My story (USA) involves extortion charges, rough adolescent years, and no one willing to hire me in America because of my background. The legion was my second chance. So they took me. Most legionnaires have a similar story.

do you have a hard time adjusting to anything at all during training?

Physically no. Mentally yes. The group exercises are designed to tear you apart and build you back up. One exersize involved all of us resting our feet in a web/grid while we do pushups. If just one of us fell, or our elbows didn't break 90, or one of us broke rhythm then we ALL had to go run a few miles, rinse, repeat until we all get it right.

The Farm is truly grueling and will test your resolve as a person.

Damn, how much running do u recommend before joining? and whats some advice you would give someone before going to the Farm?

Other Answers:

I tried joining the Legion when i was 19. when u get there, I would choose Aubagne as your recruit spot, because you will end up there anyways. Get there on a Monday so you can get processed faster (if you show up on a saturday you will have to wait until business for Medical and Physical) Medical is what killed %80 of the people when i was there so make sure your healthy and no broken bones, if so lie. Didnt make it passed physical part by 1 lap which sucked. so just know selection is about a month of boringness so get your mind ready,

Thanks, didn't know most got flunked on the medical, but other than me being short I've never had any physical ailments, major injuries and surgeries so I'll probably be fine. Currently I've just started running at the evenings and doing some simple lifting. Seeing as the chin up limit is 5, I'm planning to make at least 10 due to my lower body weight.

yeah man you better love running is all i have to say. be at least 8 min miles at 5 miles every other day. atleast. and pullup, dude the guys who made it in where in shape man. so be at 20.
no set dates man, you can join when ever you want. i would prefer summer or spring because i heard winter i the worst at The Farm.

But there aren't any set dates to when you can inquire, is there? Just come any day really? Because I can't find anything about dates about it.

And no, OP. No inquiries. You literally go and knock on the door and say you're there to join the Legion.

Dude,your going to be in one boat with traumatized veterans, persons, criminal slavs and "adventurers".

It all looks dandy and fine on the outside and the FL surely is one of the toughest military organizations, but it's totally underfunded, lacks any tactical knowledge and gets thrown into the worst places.
Just ask the guys in the Military enlistment threads

Alright, that's useful help right there.
But it's not something I'm going to do for the adventure tho.

I'm from Sweden btw, not that it really matters, but I heard westerners have a higher chance to get accepted.

Go to the French Foreign Legion HQ in Paris on your own cost and sign up. If you qualified for any NATO armed forces, it is easy to get in. They will discharge you from the same building in Paris and you need to head out on your own cost. Also, ex FFL is highly sough after in the global mercenary market. Pay is great if you live to spend it.

That's what I've heard.

And then you have a very high possibility to work in security of almost any kind as well.

This guy doesn't know what he's talking about.

You go to Aubagne, that's where recruiting takes place. It's NOT easy to get in, 80% attrition. Also the pay is bad. No one joins the legion for money.

Although being in 2REP has looked VERY good on a resume. More so than anything else.

Expect to not make it past the first rounds of cuts. Don't feel bad about it though. As long as you tried your hardest you can be proud.

I am French can I join in?

How long do you have to stay once joining?

5 years, but i believe its harder for frenchies to join the foreign legion but it's still possible.

I think Le French are enlisted as "Belgians".

Nope. French citizens can enlist as French citizens. You need to provide either a passport or a Schengen area issued ID card.

But why would you join if you're French? You can't become an officer if you're in the FFL.


It's long, very long.

Onko Kyösti Pietiläisen kirjat tullut luettua?

I'm Swedish-Finnish, don't really speak Finnish. Udenmaanprikatti, vasa kustjägarbataljon, grkk lätta pluton

Can I join in too?

I'm 31

Yeah, age limit is between 17 and 39,5 years old

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