How do you get over your girlfriends's sexual history?

How do you get over your gf's sexual history?

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Firstly, remember that girls are people too. They're allowed to enjoy sex, and not being a mind reader they wouldn't know they were gonna be with you in the future. You can't expect purity for your sake at the cost of her freedom to do as she chooses, that's a dick move. Live and let live.

Secondly, more sex isn't a bad thing anyway. More experience is gonna make her a better lover, so it directly benefits you. The whole 'once an easy girl, always an easy girl' things forgets that most guys want to do someone who knows what to do in the sack. You can't have purity and a good lay, it's one or the other and I know which I'd pick.

Thirdly, she with you now isn't she? The fact she has had physical pleasure from other guys but chooses to be with you is a sign that your relationship is either more than just lust or you're a better damn than other guys. Either way, you're doing something right if she's with you over her ex lovers.

Finally, just put everything into perspective. We're living on a tiny chunk of space rock with no real idea what we're doing here and we're all going to die alone and stuff ourselves after. Who really cares what she's done in her own free time? Who cares if she's decided to enjoy her limited time on this bad mortal plain? Is it not better for you to get over it and start enjoying yourself too? Does it really matter that she likes a person in the grand scheme of things?

Basically losers who believe it is beneficial for their girls to go with other men so they can be better at sex. Somehow they don't realise that it is their job to teach their girl. As a man they should be the dominant one. But they are too beta and would prefer other men teach their girl how to be good.

well put.

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Don't listen to these idiots telling you to grow up, or man up, or stop being immature, blahblahblah... Not only will she most likely think you're a bitch but you'll definitely lose a large chunk of your self-worth.

You're not being immature; you're responding to natural instincts. Those instincts exist for a reason, too. A woman who has screwed around more is more difficult to get attached to you emotionally and, when she does attach, the attachment will probably be weaker.

The worst thing you can do is ignore it. Instead, face it head on. Accept that she has done these things, allow your mental valuation of her worth to decrease accordingly and, most importantly, let her know this. Tell her that you completely accept what she's done and that she needs to accept how that changes your perception of her worth as a woman.

There you go. No denial. No rage or anxiety. Just acceptance of the world the way it is.

Btw, this is what I consider the alpha way to handle this situation. If you're a beta (which you must be if you're asking this site for advice on girls), this might not be the best course of action for you in the near term since it's probably going to upset your gf, maybe for an extended period. Long term, though, my advice is solid -- self-worth is the most valuable thing you can bring to a relationship.

We talked about it just last night. I'm lucky, since she's very young and has been with only a few guys. But she has a high sex drive, so I guess she's been well done.

Anyway, the part that bothers me the most is that she was banging someone before we met. And he was even older than me. And the worst part is that the bastard convinced her to try, probably was an idiot and make her refuse any thoughts about trying again.

And for the rest, there is only one guy I could met someday that she was with. I don't know how I will react. Maybe I gave him a hug, maybe I'll punch him

But worries me is... how would she react if she know my history? Because I have screwed any kind of things in my 30 years of life. I've been with mature woman, young girls (even younger than she is, 22)

How do you deal with your gf not dealing with your sex history?

I mean, I am not a stallion that did half the city, but I am 30 and had around two dozen chix while she is 21 and claims to have had only 2 before me. She acts like she gets it but it is obvious she is jaelous of the girls I've been with before I met her. How to deal with that bs.

slowly. and with lots of communication. don't just charge in there and beat the out of her.

see if she likes something mild and if its something you like and work upwards. get her to suggest the next stage or things to do. don't pressure her. If she wants it, it comes quick, but realise you could be letting the genie out of the bottle.

realize that she's with you now and her past relationships aren't relevant at all. stop living in the past, live in the now and the time you spend with her instead of thinking of who she is with. she chose you to be with so you are with her, not her exes. her previous sex history is irrelevant now.

Unless she's got an std. Than it is a problem.

yeah i mean obviously if in her past she was abusive, has stds or something you'd want to know, but fretting over past relationships is a waste of time and emotion

Once an easy girl always an easy girl. If she has an extensive sexual history, she shouldn't be your gf. My cutoff number is usually around 15, or 20 in special cases (hypocrotical I know). They're known to lie about it, so double what they tell you and ask around.

I've been dating the same girl for the past six years. She's the only girl I've ever screwed, and I'm the only guy she's ever screwed (she says, though I've no reason to suspect her of lying as of now).

I'm probably gonna marry her.

Wow.. I know a couple of couples just like you, they both never had anyone else before marriage.. After 15 years they both got difforced and started making up for all the fun they never had with other people.

I think it is better to live before getting commited to someone, otherwise one day you will start to wonder what you might have missed and what other people might feel like in bed.

When I was 17-19 I got really weird about that with potential partners. So I became a lady and tried to have every girl I could.

I no longer feel guilty because I've done things almost no girl could live up to.

gross. Not surprised she's a virgin.
you realise that insecure persons will still get worked up that they're not kissing as good as virgins exes? Insecure persons will find something to get insecure about

That's not the point person, it's having the self-respect not to take somebody else's left overs; and I wouldn't if that happened to be the case.

Didn't your father teach you to be a man?

If you rly like her as the Person she is now there isnt any Problem
Stop beeing a Kid and Start beeing an adult.
I think she isnt complaining about your addiction is she?

who cares?

i don't tell her about my sexual history. it's none of her business.

the only sexual history i care about is STD status. if she's clean, we're good.

it's none of her business.
I usually only ever hear women say this

To me, history is very important, and it's something I am willing to share with my gf or any future gfs.
I'm not talking about details or something, but who and the total number are in my opinion fair game for my gf to know.

Do men also consider that history is not the business of your partner?

By coming to the realisation she's not with them and no matter how good they were or were not in the bedroom they were clearly broken as a couple.

having to pretend something about a person you're romantically involved with

How did men become THIS emasculated in CURRENT YEAR?

they tried. She told me becuase I asked if we could do it someday. She said she don't like it and I wnted to know if she ever tried before.

man I used to get myself worked up over this too. My girlfriend in on like 6 guys, I've been with over 20 girls

The real question is would you rather know about her sexual history or would you rather her not tell you?

I've always the latter but is knowing the former really better?

My girlfriend and I met as virgins as young teenagers, have been faithful to each other ever since.

Same, 5 years going strong.

You or her are gonna wake up one day and regret this

Similar story for me, my wife and I are highschool sweethearts, 16 years and 2 kids on and no regerts.

Stop being sixteen.

I cared about all of that, then I got into my twenties and grew up.

You don't.
You will always be haunted by the idea of her enjoying sex with another man.

Asia, more then 70% of girls who finish university in China are still virgins

When it's of historical significance, I don't think it's possible.

And the winner of the most underrated post belongs to this guy

you get your gf early enough, and she won't have a history

Hair pulling, you'll know quickly if they want more.

thanks but... after hair pulling... what else??? how do i know if i am going to far??? if they say stop that hurts or somestuff like that...

Exactly that really, take it in your stride, if you mess up don't falter, just move on. You can talk about what you did and didn't do right in the pillow talk but hair pulling and choking are your surest ways to gauge interest level, if they want it you'll get a surprising reaction.

You grow up and realize that people have sex.

ask yourself what shes thinking about your sexual history

As a guy with an ex who had a long history, I can confirm what these persons are saying. The one lesson I took from the relationship was that your only attitude should be "she's with me now, that's all that matters". I spent way too much energy letting it bother me. I should have just said "meh, people have sex. She likes me now and that's all that matters".

As a side-benefit to this attitude, she will find your confidence and acceptance attractive, thus making her that much less likely to cheat.

Same situation, ex with a lot of experience. It stressed me at first, and I never liked talking about it with her, but she pretty much said that very same thing to me. "I'm with you now, not them".

by not asking about it

ignorance is bliss

Easy, don't ever get a girlfriend.

Ask your gf. She got over yours.

the reason he is jealous is because she stamped his v card
he dont have a history.

stop being an insecure person

By growing up, kid.

By adding to it.

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