I lost my job but I already paid for flight and accomodation, what should I do?

payed for flight and accommodation
fly out in under a month
just lost my job

Need serious advice on whether to go ahead on my trip or save my spending money to support myself whilst looking for another job.

The choice might seem obvious to some but I've been planning for this trip for an entire year and would be devastated if I have to cancel

Top Answer:

How much money are we talking about, friend?

If you tried to save some money during your trip (not eating out every night, not getting drunk as often as you'd like), would you still have enough money to carry you over to another job when you return?

Thanks for the response mate.

Spent £800 on flight and accommodation and have £1500 spending money which is what I estimate I'll need for the three week trip.

I'll be paid for my holiday leave so I should be tied over once I get back but there's a lot of uncertainty past that.

Brexit really screwed us

I would still go. I hope you have extra savings, besides the £1500, though. Try to spend as little as possible.

Where are you going?

Nah I'm wasteful as hell when it comes to money

Thanks lads, I think I made my mind up about going but just needed validation that I wasn't being completely retarded.

Much appreciated

Other Answers:

Omg just go!
I once lost my job suddenly and I know how stressful the uncertainty is. But I actually think the travel might help you find your next job by opening your mind. And I know that you will enjoy the trip.

Might sound like the hippie response but damn it, OP.
Worry about money when you get back and just try to have fun, especially when you've been planning this thing for a year.
Good luck.

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