I'm writing a story (a pen and paper roleplaying story), which is based on the USA.

I'm writing a story (a pen and paper roleplaying story), which is based on the USA. The story is inside the World of Darkness, with its vampires and all, and that forces some needs for the city.

I'm looking for a city near New York, that is not part of New York City (Wikipedia gave me the impresion that Yonkers was kind of merged with New York City), that have at least a population of 100.000, and, if possible, that have either this kind of blocks (suburbs it's called? Not a native english, sorry), or some kind of cultural activity, be it music festivals, or museums, I don't know, some artistic atraction.

I first placed my story on Poughkeepsie, but I just found out that it only has a population of 30k, which my bad Spanish town duplicates, so I'm now at a loss. I tried to look around on the wikipedia, but the whole county, district, suburb, pseudo-cities/actually part of new york thing confused me. My wiki-fu has been weak lately, so I'll still try again later, but I though it would be a good idea to ask you.

Thank you.

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Suburbs aren't in a city -- they're outside a city. You won't find anything like your picture in a city, at least on the East Coast of the US.

However, if you want a city + suburbs close to NYC, check out Newark, NJ and Essex County, NJ. Newark is pretty much a terrible place (good for vampires and all that, I suppose) but the suburb towns in Essex County are really nice. Take a look at Montclair, Essex Fells, Cedar Grove, Verona, etc.

there are some really suburban parts of Staten Island and Queens

Other Answers:

LEVITTOWN NY the first and original suburb.
Radburn NJ the first town built to accommodate the automobile.
if your looking for a good example y not just go with the OG Original Levittown

Levittown is NOT the first suburb, most of the houses where I live (same county as Levittown) were built before Levittown

Hoboken NJ
over 100k
suburb of nyc
Google it, it should fit your criteria

Only downside is the 1992 underdog computer game Superhero League of Hoboken is from there

Hoboken is not a suburb lol

How about Greenwich, CT? Near New York, with lots of yuge mansions and probably an interesting environment for such a story.

I have been looking most counties and cities on the NY state, and I ended up choosing Poughkeepsie (what a pleasant surprise). The main thing detracting me from picking it in the beginning was the population, as vampires require, usually, a ratio of 100k humans per vampire to not be a problem, and Poughkeepsie showed as having only 30k, and I need to fit 10 vampires. But that number can be streched, the overpopulation plot is also interesting, and I found out that census and city borders are a bit weird there in the US, as yeah, Poughkeepsie CITY does have 30k, but that doesn't mean that a vampire in the middle of Poughkeepsie only have 30k humans nearby, but quite the opposite.

Also, It has a pretty downtown, it has a couple of Colleges, libraries, a Theater, a culinary academy and some restaurants, and an opera. Also, it is 2 hours away from NY, which is pretty important.

Anyway, thank you all. Your ideas pointed me to good cities that showed me how things work there.So yeah, thank you.

Sorry, just realized -- "NJ" is New Jersey.

Yonkers is not part of NYC, but it borders it

Albany or Buffalo, New York maybe?

Albany or Rochester.

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