I'm flying out to Ho Chi Minh City to teach English in Vietnam.

Just got offered a job to teach English in Vietnam. I'm flying out to Ho Chi Minh City on the10th where I will take part in a two week training course and then to Hanoi where I will work the remainder of the year.

I'm pretty open minded ;-) and would love to hear your guys' stories and experiences. My placement is also flexible, so maybe Hanoi isn't the best to live in? Maybe one of the seaside cities would be cool?

And yeah, I'm aware there's another south east asia gen up, but it seems to be a bunch of wanking over a $8000 dinner...

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Da Nang would be cool. I got a good feel from that place. Would not live in Hoi An, Nha Trang, Mui Ne, or any towns north of Da Nang though.

Saigon would be my pick, hands-down, for the best place to live in Vietnam. Awesome city full of super cute Vietnamese girls that love white guys and are fairly liberal relative to the rest of the country.

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Bangkok is the best city, you can pretty much spend 6 months in Soi Cowboy and never leave. Not much else to see over there, I was in Vietnam for a layover and just lived in the hotel district. There is a good Italian restaurant on Sukumvit Street near the Soi.

>you can pretty much spend 6 months in Soi Cowboy and never leave.

hotel district? Is that so? Have you got any good stories? What kind of freaky stuff cam you get up to?

Congratulations OP, i plan on doing this in 9 months when i graduate. Was it hard finding a job in Vietnam? It seems like you could even get to pick and choose on where you wanted to teach, which is awesome.

No. Don't go north of Phong Nha, the food gets really overpriced and the people are tremendous cunts (except the government officials, funnily enough).

Really? I thought Hanoi was supposed to be the nice city. Too many scooties and people, or what?

Da Nang

Yeah, work schedule is a bit weird where my days off are split in the middle of the week :/ figured it might be hard to make it out to the beach on the days off.

was supposed to be a nice city
It's alright but the people are incredibly rude, probably because of their communist propaganda.

Prepare for a load of selfies with your female students

those girls and their smartphones are quite literally symbiotic

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