My wife and I are seriously planning on moving out of the country and escaping America.

I don't mean to offend any of you guys as you all seem generally nice and helpful opposed to other boards but my wife and I are seriously planning on moving out of the country (AMERICA). We don't care for the social structure, politicians, attitudes, terrorism, military just all around.. everything. I mean the country is an awesome place we just don't want to reside here forever.. What's a good country that has a culture we can embrace and escape decline?

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I grew up in California. About 7 years ago I too decided I disliked America, and was genuinely frightened by the direction it was heading. Started improving myself toward the goal of moving out. Where you want to move depends on what you dislike about your own country. In California, I was unable to afford housing, irritated at the general loud rudeness of the society at large(drunkards in brotrucks, Mexico's rejects filling the cities with trash and crime, people who respond with tl:dr), irritated that everything was designed for the stupid, pissed off that the government is basically owned by business, infuriated by the unnatural and unhealthy way sex is viewed, weary of being soaked for money at every opportunity, sick of the food, afraid of the police, and tired of the stressful angry poor quality awfulness that permeated all levels of society.

So I moved out. I finalized everything and moved to Japan about a year ago. I have literally never been happier. People are polite, drunk drivers are put in prison to rot, foreigners are only welcome if they integrate and contribute to society, no immigrant gangs here. Everything except electronics is cheap (don't believe the lies, Japan is CHEAP for necessities. I can buy a decent house for 30k, a good car for 2k, a pound of chicken for $2.50. 8 liters of 25% alcohol shochu is $20, and you can drink in public. Mandatory govt. health insurance is $70 a month.) Men and women and kids and everyone joke about sex, food is good quality, police are polite, and everything just has that air about it that says somebody gave a damn. I work as an English teacher. You need a degree in anything, and no criminal record.

4/5 foreigners who come here decided they hate Japan within a year or two. Most don't try hard enough to integrate and go native, then wonder why people are cold with them. Others have legit issues with Japan's particular brand of idiosyncratic nonsense. I miss marijuana, but it's the price I pay.

I make 30k per year by the way, and my expenses are about 1200 a month. I have a nice, spaceous apartment, a car, and I eat very well. If you want to live deep within Tokyo, you can make serious bank. I elected to live in the countryside, about 50 miles north of Tokyo. Most of Japan is countryside, actually. The endless cramped city thing is a meme. Most of Japan looks like Pennsylvania. Watch Non Non Biyori, most of Japan is that, but with more infrastructure.

There are some things you might hate. A lot of English teaching jobs are nonsense, I was very lucky. You are never supposed to speak your mind, just imply it. Japanese is a bitch to learn. Sex roles are still a thing here, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Women are loved for their womanhood, rather than expected to be men. If your wife likes traditionally girly things, she will suddenly find herself in a culture where people respect her for liking those things. Frilly dresses and cute stuff are celebrated. Maternity wards have the lowest infant and motherhood mortality in the world. My wife reports that not only are the period pads the cheapest she's ever encountered, they are also the best. If your wife is dudely, she won't be stopped from being that way, but she may feel a bit out of place.

I'm not saying you should go to Japan, I just wanted to tell you my experience. You may despise the place. Finding a country is like finding a spouse, you have to filter through all the good and all the bad and ask yourself truthfully whether you are truly compatible. Why do you not like America? What country does things differently? Are you truly willing to truly adopt the culture and integrate into a new society, for better and for worse? Are you willing to truly put your old country behind you?

why would I watch non non byori I'm not a failure weeb

irritated at the general loud rudeness of the society
Got regularly bullied
drunkards in brotrucks
Didn't have a car
Weary of being soaked for money
unable to afford housing
Was poor
infuriated by the unnatural and unhealthy way sex is viewed
Couldn't get laid

So basically what you're saying is you were a poor, friendless, beta, no gf, dictionary definition of a failure. So you sought to visit a country where nobody would view you as less or more than all the other gaijin trained monkeys. You'd be "average".

It takes a truly pathetic mess up to move all the way across the world to upgrade to "average". The only thing more pathetic is:

Most don't try hard enough to integrate and go native, then wonder why people are cold with them.

That's the part where you admit that you're willing to completely change who you are, just for the privelege of being viewed like a trained monkey who dances for peanuts. That's all you are. Just an amusement, at best a curiousity for the Japanese.

The fact that you try to "integrate", in hopes of ACHIEVING this trained monkey status, shows you are truly beta. You have no chance in America and sooner or later you're going to have to return home to the ridicule and shame you faced before. What a sad little man you are.

Why are you so angry? Did someone piss on your corn flakes?

There's nothing more worse than this kind of post. I have no idea from what hellish pit in your ass you pulled these accusation but its pretty clear they're made not with the intention of informing OP of how his discontent of California may or may not be justified, but instead with the express purpose of belittling others for your amusement. Cases where someone was bullied or grew up without a lot of money are almost always circumstantial. Criticizing others based on this is stupid. As for your second comment, who's to say Californian culture is the original culture that he has to integrate too? It may very well be that he like Japanese culture simply because it matches his personality more. Is a southerner pathetic for getting into beach culture after moving to California? Is an immigrant pathetic for enjoying american holidays and culture? Integrating is simply a part of human communication. Hell, whats the first thing you read when you first start coming to this site? Lurk more so you can integrate with board culture and rules. Its clear you made these comments without really thinking why they might be true. Perhaps your own comments hit a little close to home. Perhaps youre just having a bad day today. Or maybe youre just baiting. I'm not sure. But senseless thoughtless hate bugs the ever-loving out of me, perhaps unhealthy so, so Im going to speak out against it.

Personally, as someone who also grew up in California, I disagree a lot with what said. California is expensive but also very opportunistic. There's plenty of resources to get a good job and a good education if your interest match up. The food is varied, the people are people; some nice hard working and ambitious while other aren't so much. But theres definitely some justified complaints in there. That said, the US is pretty diverse. You can just move somewhere else in the country to escape these things I feel.

if your not with us, your against us!
Don't listen to this .

Move where you want OP, be happy in life. America is a good country but you may very well fit in better somewhere else, travel and find out.

all other countries are bad
Travelling has made me realise how much I love my own country, Australia, but I've also learnt a lot of its flaws. That being said I wouldn't live long term anywhere else.

I lived abroad in Japan when I was 18 and while I loved it, I couldn't see myself living there full time. If he is genuinely happier there, then good for him. Not everyone who doesn't want to live in America hates the country and Americans, it's just not for them.

That sounds impressive, if you don't mind me asking but how did you end up living abroad there? And did you already have a foundation of japanese or was it full gaijin?

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This question comes up a lot, and the answers usually go like this.
You might think that you'll be able to escape, but most people with the luxury to choose live in a perfectly good country to begin with and are just spoiled for choice or desperate to solve their problems by leaving them behind instead of dealing with them. They consider the grass greener on the other side and don't see the bad parts of other countries or the good parts of their own because they've just plain gotten spoiled.
A lot of them want to "change as a person" or escape their lives as they've been until now, which rarely works because changing cultures rarely gives much room for personal development and people usually bring their old problems to their new homes because they're personal rather than circumstantial.
Are you going to be shot, imprisoned, fined out of your fortune, comprehensively socially shamed, forcibly relocated, fired or otherwise severely victimized simply as a result of staying in America?
If no, chances are that you're just in a life crisis that you're looking for an easy solution to. Uprooting your whole life to move somewhere else is usually going to cause you many more problems than it solves, and taking your wife along turns it from an ill-advised choice to a potentially irresponsible one.
If you honestly, deeply and sincerely from the bottom of your heart think that you're going to be rounded up and shot by the FEMA, die in a suicide bombing or otherwise have your life ended or ruined by staying in the US, I can't stop you from leaving - but remember that you live in an affluent country and are used to the amenities there. Other countries have different cultures and living circumstances that might mesh badly with you and your wife, and unless the CIA is literally tapping the side of your head suggestively with a rifle barrel, I would strongly advise that you stay at home and deal with your problems instead of running from them like some college kid.

Not OP, but being a military kid, and having a pretty nomadic adulthood in the military myself, and have plans on relocating abroad when I go out. He'll, even while I'm in I plan on returning overseas for my next duty station

took me 5 years of traveleling to realize this, maturity is accepting that it's true.

without really knowing the OP you can't honestly level those assertions at him. OP might be a blithering retard. on the other hand, YOU might be a blithering retard. What I can't tell from your post is whether it is YOU who lack the capacity to learn a foreign language and adapt to foreign circumstances, or whether you lack faith in the general mass of humanity to do so (I lack faith in humanity, personally.)

either way, you can't really say that about OP either way. so wait for him to answer about his values.

it sounds like you're used to talking to "idealistic" young kids who haven o clear conception of the world of theri own capacities. OP is married, which does not mean he is not, but hear him out before you textdump lecture him about wisdom you might not even have.

I lack faith in humanity


First up, I suggest a country with a strong immigrant culture. That is a country with a wide variety of cultures mashing together to form something new. What a lot of Europe and I guess in some ways America is dealing with making people completely assimilate to their culture. Completely forget how they were raised and start a fresh. Which never works so people choose to segregate themselves to their own people.

What you want to find in a country is very simple. Do you have similar values and attitudes to things? Are they going to be accepting of your transition and that perhaps you will never be fully part of them? Can you deal with their short comings?

Here are some examples. I found Germany very orderly, clean and everyone respects your personal space. However, they like being the moral police, stepping slightly out of line is simply frowned upon (I'm just crossing the road dammit) and they all put themselves first rather then others. I found Sweden to be very polite, will very happily accomadate foreigners ( I was the only non Swede at a crayfish party and everyone spoke in English so I could understand. Even people who I'm not even talking to.) and very much into thinking everyone is equal ( langos). But they are really overbearing with their way of thinking and are quick to criticise others for not thinking the same. They are generally cold people and will only really socialise with you if you share an acquaintance. Australia is easy going, the people are warm to strangers and are very happy to help those in need. Drinking and gambling is a major problem tho. China is heavily family oriented (this included friends who become 'family'), really do respect their elders and would listen but politely disagree rather then openly criticise you.

That are just some observations I've made while travel. Hope it helps.

I was the only non Swede at a crayfish party and everyone spoke in English so I could understand. Even people who I'm not even talking to.
wow thats the nicest thing ive ever heard. i feel like id cry if that happened to me

I'm sorry if this comes as a shock to you, but americans are hated everywhere, i have met good americans when i lived in Charleston for 6 years working with my company, but the american people in general are all proud of being idiots they don't want to change anything they want the world to change to accept them, in short americans can't adapt, unless you're one of the rare cases such as the ones i met, you will probably waste money on your trip and return, every country has problems no country is perfect, also most countries don't speak english and americans hardly ever learn another language, if you don't speak the local language don't even bother trying, people will have a hard time and will actually get pissed that you come to their country and can't even speak their language and expect to be one of them, overall stay where you are or move to another state

To be honest OP, I feel the same way you do. I don't really like Canadian society in terms of politics and attitudes either. I want to move to China because all my family is there and I love going there. But to be very honest, the US and Canada are amazing places to live. I found that if I dont let these things effect my mood, I became a lot happier. Hope it helps. However, if you want to live somewhere where you can escape decline, maybe Switzerland? It's really hard to know what you want because in the end you know why you don't like the States, and haven't quite specified why you dislike the States in those areas. If you're more liberal, try Sweden, if more conservative, then (actually don't know many conservative nations other than the Middle East). If any, just visit a ton of places and see where you're happy.

if you want to live somewhere where you can escape decline, maybe Switzerland?
Are you joking? One of the hardest countries to immigrate to.

you can go anywhere that makes you happy
>except the country I live

What's a good country that has a culture we can embrace and escape decline?

Try this -- travel around a bit, visit some countries, see f you find one where you feel comfortable. Folks seem to like being ex-pats in Central America, maybe you would as well. But look before leaping -- somebody on a Senegalese Bark-painting Board is not going to able to tell you what you're going to like.

actually don't know many conservative nations other than the Middle East)

Admittedly off-topic, but travel related, but this was my most shocking revelation when I was an expat in the GCC. Americans talk stuff about the Middle East, but the USA is more like the Middle East than it is like European countries, as far as attitude and values.

Canadian here,
Just move up to Alaska person, it's more or less immune to terrorist attacks and the people are great. Also, if you don't like people very much you can easily get away from them.

This. Especially if you're one of those nogunz liberal persons

First, what are your values. Hard to say where you'd like not knowing what kind of culture you are looking for. 2nd, what is your age? And last, but not least, whatare your education/qualifications?

Literally why?

My biggest goal in life is to BECOME an American.

I just love everything about the country and am obsessed with it.

Were you born in some terrible place like Uganda or Congo or England? America is a better place than a lot of countries, but take it from someone who lived there, it feels the way Rome did before it fell. The stupid people are fat and xenophobic and the smart ones are angry and sad. Its glory days are behind it and it is starting to smell off. You can do so much better.

No, Germany.

Interesting. Truth be told Mexicans are better illegal immigrants than Middle Easterners. Do you hate Germany or just love America? Why?

both actually, but my love for America is stronger than my dislike of Germany.

I just love everything about America, the landscapes, the climate, the cities, the people, the culture, the exceptionalism, Hollywood, the movies, music and TV...

As a European immigrant to the states I am totally dumbfounded by this type of comment. America is doing just fine. America is still at the forefront of everything and isn't going anywhere. We are in a transition from Blue collar work to more tech. It's a tough transition, but you can't expect everyone, especially an entire generation that grew up working these types of jobs to assimilate overnight, if ever for that matter. As far as Xenophobia goes, you have no clue what you are talking about. Europe and just about everywhere else in the world actually have xenophobia. Don't assume because Americans like talking stuff it translates into real hatred.

Smart people are angry and sad everywhere in the world. It comes with the territory.

And while the obesity problem has gotten a bit out of hand, it's something easily reversible. Plus it Mexicans and African Americans who contribute greatly to the Obesity numbers.

Aren't you a little concerned by America's presidential candidates? The fictional TV news that everyone watches and believes? The commercial prison system? The price of college? The war on drugs? The absurd price of healthcare? The number of monopolies? The income disparity?

California is more messed up than most. I was unable to survive there due to rent prices, I had to rent a room from my parents, and I worked full time. I was unable to find an apartment that would permit a second occupant for less than 1000 a month. I live in a spacious apartment 50 miles from the largest city on earth, in a country that is 73% mountains and 12% farmland, and has a population of 127 million. I pay 500 a month for it, and I could rent an older apartment for less if I felt like finding one. Why does a dirty shack in the middle of nowhere in California with 2000 era dsl internet cost twice as much?

The food stamp/low income housing system is designed to keep people poor—if you make beyond a certain amount of money, you are no longer eligible for them, and that amount is below the living wage. Unless your boss is offering to literally double your income, you have to refuse raises and promotions to survive.

I'm so jealous breh...

pls gib advice on how 2 immigrate

refers to the country "USA" as AMERICA
>expects to get along with people in any other country

literally everyone does this in Germany

butthurt Middle/South-American terrible place dweller pls go

Switzerland is very nice but very expensive. Maybe Northern Europe?

Go back to your families country of origin.

Move to Canada.

What makes you think Canada will accept Americans with open arms?

go away we're full.

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