I'm curious if anyone has recently moved to a lesser-known city recently and been pleasantly surprised?

I'm really tired of Colorado for a number of reasons after growing up here.

Most of my friends have felt the same and jumped ship already. Cities like LA, New York, and Portland are all kind of the next logical step for people from Denver/Boulder and Coloradans seem to be flocking there.

I'm curious if anyone has recently moved to a lesser-known city recently and been pleasantly surprised. I've heard Montana is really nice, smaller towns in Oregon, and Vermont all have similar feels.

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Moving is something I've been thinking a lot about lately

But the more I think about it the more I'm against the idea of moving even though I want to leave where I live because it's changed

But the act of moving is what changed my small town

Where I was born has been ruined by too many foreigners moving here, and I don't just mean from out of this country, I mean from other states

They move here and can't shut up about where they're from (usually the Midwest) and now my quiet town is stacked with ugly apartment buildings on every corner as well as crime rates going through the roof in the past fifteen years

Why don't you like CO? I've visited your beautiful state three times and it has much small town charm spread across it

It's hard to explain how Colorado's changed having grown up here. Ten, twenty years ago it was very much kind of a flyover oasis. Denver wasn't as gentrified and was still a blue-collar city of railways, shipping, and farming with a few bad sports teams to boast and not much pride. People were quietly humble. Boulder was much smaller and felt like a mountain town with a few wackjobs and the university. There was a sense of community, of local artists and music and festivals that didn't need to be at Red Rocks, or not at all.

In the last ten years it has undergone a shift to where it sort of feels like we're living in Disneyland - but with all of the trappings that entails. Once you get past weed and beer you will find that there really isn't much to do in Colorado that isn't heavily, HEAVILY invested in the normative. Most don't get past those, though, they are the raison d'etre.

There isn't a fringe culture to speak of anymore. All of my favorite record shops or coffee shops or funky restaurants or food stands or music venues or theaters simply weren't economically viable given the price to live here, so they were replaced by condos out of my price range. There are a token one or two old-school holdouts, but nothing like it was years ago. Rent everywhere has skyrocketed to near-NYC prices but the state simply can't compete in terms of the culture it has to offer. I think that's why there's so many people who latch on so hard to craft beer here - there's not much else to do. Sometimes I wonder if there's a correlation between this and Colorado having one of the highest suicide rates in the country - despite being the "healthiest state."

Colorado's cities have been built up with endless offices of mobile-app studios and social media marketing firms employing people from the Midwest (mainly Illinois, for some reason), neither of which really DO anything besides buy and sell each other.

I could go on... but you get the idea

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I moved from Chicago to Boise. I gotta admit, it's pretty great here. All the amenities of a large city, except without all the gangland style slayings and other miscellaneous crime.

Plus there's all the nature and stuff, which is nice coming from Chicago.

have you skied bogus basin yet

Not yet, but I'm planning on it this Winter. I've never skied in my life, so I expect plenty of face plants haha

I'm from Denver. Most towns you'd want to live in Montana, e.g. Bozeman, Missoula, are basically Colorado style enclaves. Seen similar things in Idaho. I'm in NW Wyoming now, but it's a bit too cowboy. I'm thinking of heading down to Prescott, AZ

I live in Washington and when I visited Colorado I thought i'd be down to live there. Come here, this state is extremely pretty

Only a person drinks beer from a chalice

Really?I was doing that not too long ago...

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