I'm going to be stopping in Toronto for a few days and see the Niagra Falls from there.


I am going to Montreal for business in early October. I'm going to be stopping in Toronto for a few days first and was thinking about going to Niagra Falls from there. Is it feasible for a daytrip? Is it decent to travel to? Is the weather reasonable at that time of year?

I am trying to look at places to stay for 3 people which is proving to be fairly difficult too...

Thanks for any help!

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Falls here.

Most people who visit here DO come for a day trip from Toronto. It's 1-2 hours each way depending which part of the city you're from. October is the start of the off season, so you'll get some good deals on hotels, poke around on the internet and you can get a nice room close to the falls for under $100/ night.

The falls are something everyone should see before they die, but the area around the falls is just a run of the mill tourist trap. If you have kids, they'll love it, but it's just video arcades, wax museums, Ripley's, mini golf, etc etc.

There's some nice wineries, breweries, and spas in surrounding Niagara region, a lot of nice bed and breakfasts though they'll be pricier. Niagara on the lake is beautiful if touristic, a great place to spend an afternoon on the patios.

If you were to do a day trip, I would suggest stopping at the falls to take pictures, if you don't want to pay $20 for parking just park for free on Queen Street and walk down. Then head to Niagara-on-the-lake for some nice sightseeing and to have a nice patio dinner with some beers.

Weather will likely be crisp but not downright cold, think around 10-15°C and there may be a bit of rain. Being outside won't be unpleasant but youll want to wear a light jacket or sweater.

I'm arriving/departing via Buffalo airport, the best quote I can get is about USD$160 roundtrip in a private taxi, is there a cheaper but similarly efficient (ie not a bus) method I could use?

Also, planning to go for bike ride along the parkway, is it worth going all the way to Missisauga / NotL?

Mississauga and Niagara-on-the-lake are about 150km apart, re-check the map on that one. But if you're asking about cycling from Niagara Falls to Niagara-on-the-lake, it takes a good hour or more, but it's a very nice ride, passing a giant dam, dream homes, wineries, historic sites, gardens, and farmers markets. Definitely recommended.

In terms of costs, taking a taxi across the border is an automatic $50 for most companies due to waiting time. If you're dead set against a bus, you could always just bus over the bridge to fort Erie, or walk even, then grab a Speedy Cab. It's our grey market taxi company, they always significantly undercut the taxis. Call (905) 325-5780 and whatever you do, don't ask for a cab, say you need them "to send a car". You could probably get a ride for 30-40 each way.

Or just rent a car and don't mention you're crossing the border, bro.

Thanks m8, the problem with renting a car is the parking charges. I'm staying at a big chain hotel right beside the falls & they fist you good & proper. As I have limited time (in 11am, all next day, out the following morning) I will probably just shell out for a private transfer.

Cheers for the advice re NotL, I'll definitely head down for a look.

Amtrak Maple Leaf train from Buffalo to Toronto.

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Toronto resident here.

Is it feasible for a daytrip?

Ya very much so. It's about 1 - 2 hour car ride from Toronto depending on traffic.

Is it decent to travel to?

If it's your first time, yes. Personally I'm sick and tired of it because any time someone visits they want to go see the falls and it kind of loses its magic after the 20th time.

Oh but also have a look into "Niagra on the lake". It's a small "city" near the falls where there is vineyards, wine sampling etc.

Never been but people keep recommending it to me.

Is the weather reasonable at that time of year?

October is generally pretty mild. It's usually pretty rainy though but the weather has been fluctuating really wildly for the past few years.

At the moment it's warm as balls though.

Hope that helps. Ask away if you have any other questions.

Thanks for replying!

It was actually someone else who mentioned going to Niagra Falls to me. It seems like a good idea as I have never been to Canada before and I probably won't again any time soon.

I'll be coming from the UK so it sounds like the weather then should be similar to what it's like here, which is alright.

I was thinking of staying in Toronto mainly because I thought there would be more to see/do around there. Although the only thing I actually know of is the CN Tower.

If anyone has any other suggestions of things to see or do around the Toronto/Niagra Falls and Montreal areas that would be welcome.

I am trying to look at places to stay for 3 people which is proving to be fairly difficult too...
Well, 2 queens should handle it with someone sleeping together. I guess you can ask for the rollaway, but it might have a charge. An allsuite hotel, like the kind for extended stays/residences, can have the fold out couch, but they always suck for anyone older than an 8yr old. I'd double up on the bed, or get a connecting room and maybe just split the two bills to be fair to each other.

You might find a sympathetic B&B a bit out of town that will consider you 3 guests and not charge as much as your chain mid-tier hotels, and give you each some better room options that is agreeable.

Thanks for the advice person!

I am trying to offload booking the accommodation onto someone else.

If you're going to be in Toronto you should probably do Niagara Falls. It is pretty impressive, and really downtown Toronto gets tired pretty quickly. Weather should be good, it could be pretty chilly especially at night, but since it's early October it should still be quite tolerable with a sweater.


You might want to go around Niagara-on-the-lake and the wine country area in general especially at that time of the year. The Fall colours are really nice at that time of the year.

went for a day trip to the Falls from Toronto last year. The actual falls are beautiful but everything else is the most touristy nonsense you can imagine

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I only learned about Niagra-on-the-lake from you and other persons here so thanks!

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