How to work while going on a legendary yacht trip

Has anyone here done the legendary yacht trip? There are some neat websites like where you sign up and work in yachts as they sail. Seems to be free of charge (travel in exchange for work). I live in South America and wanted to WWOOF in New Zealand, and the airplane tickets being as expensive as they are for such a long ride, the yachting plan really hooked me.

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I used to be a Certified Yacht master Offshore Ticket license holder and use to sail for a living with the added bonus of visiting exotic new places.

If your heart is set on it let me tell you a few things and what to generally expect.

Don't sail with just anyone, You are going to be spending a stuff load of time with the person or people that are sailing with you so make sure you get along well or its gonna be a very stuff trip M8.

Be prepared for sea sickness, It will happen no matter how prepared you think you are.

Be prepared for boredom or intense fatigue. Sometimes you go for weeks without any wind and no clouds and constant sunshine and yup might catch a bit of cabin fever. Other weeks will be constant strong winds and rough seas, on a small boat this can be difficult on you since its very hard to sleep, very hard to eat, Very hard to piss and stuff. Unless you have a load of experience on the ways of the ocean on a sailing boat he prepared for this eventuality.

You will be expected to be part of the crew. Which means you will clean the boat, You will cook either breakfast lunch or dinner no matter what weather/conditions you have. You will have to work shifts, for example a common thing is two hours on, Two hours off. Or four hours on, four hours off. Might sound good now, but when you are three weeks in it can become a little tiresome.

I have been a skipper on multiple voyages delivering Yacht's to the wealthy and training or other reasons and I can say with certainty that it's a very hard thing to do if you are not lucky enough to find yourself on a rich leisure super yacht. It's also a very life changing experience and you will in all likely hood never look at the world the same way again. Also that feeling of self worth and accomplishment when you reach your destination is pretty damn good.

Hope my nuggets of info help.

I'm also going to reply that if you are female or not a person of the world, let's say, that you might not be aware of the danger of being alone in the world away from police and that. Pirates, or unsavory crew. might be into things illegal and you have no one there to arrest them. You may have unsavory things on onboard which require guns, and you could be raped. The larger the boat thing is true. More equipment, more crew, more logical shifts, better facilities.

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Wouldn't you enter NZ and have to either leave on a boat, or then buy a ticket back, and one way tickets cost almost as much as round trip? Getting through customs might be a problem. If you're Chilean I would say just work for the amount of time it would take to cross and then buy a flight, but maybe you're Bolivian.

Have you ever been on a sail boat before? Off shore cruising might not be best for a beginner. You would probably be expected to do solo night shifts.

Note prevailing winds, and where people sailing from the Americas are likely to start, furthest south might be the Panama Canal. The main route of international sailing is back and forth from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean. Boats usually only go to NZ as part of a round the world trip, it's pretty remote and the roaring forties (wind) are pretty mean.

Don't mean to be so negative, there's just a few holes in this idea.

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