Adding hostel roomates on Facebook right before leaving, how to bridge the gap?

After I stay at a hostel, I added roomates on Facebook right before leaving. Found out one shares common interests as me only after looking at his Facebook. We aren't exactly close but I really want to chat to him about our common interest. How to bridge the gap? It is kind of awkward to try to befriend someone AFTER saying goodbye. Should I just forget it?

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It's not awkward to keep up an acquaintance for years if not decades based on a single experience. For people who travel, you might even cross paths again. Instead of thinking "friends" like it's some kind of dating ritual or extreme seriousness requiring steps, just keep referring to the person as an acquaintance. Some careers have 100s of acquaintances filling up a phone with contacts, such as politics, public relations, just saying... Keep your friends definition down to the 5 or less people you call most often who seek out things to do with you.

To put this in perspective, I have IRC channel tech friends for more than a decade. Probably about 30 of us in total who see each other over the years, work together from time to time, and I'd definitely count 5 of them as true friends who can pick up where we left off no matter how much time passes between seeing each other in person. Online friendships are valid and true with some people. This one you're staring actually started in person but could continue indefinitely online, if you keep it in perspective for what it is.

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You just write "hey dude, I noticed on your facebook that you're into []. I'm into that as well, too bad we didn't talk about it in . What do you think of ? Isn't it just wonderful?

Dude you are legitimately wrong if you think you should dedicate an entire thread to this.

But to answer your question no that is not awkward at all

Is it even possible to become friends with someone if the chances are we will never meet again irl?

One of my favourite friends is a guy I played WoW with 7 years ago, he lives in Sweden, I live in the UK,we have never met. Great guy and I love chatting politics with him online.

One of my best mates is someone I met online. To be fair he lives in the same country only 500km away. But we have met about 5 times since. Great bloke and that started just from a computer game

I can't remember the last time I had a friend in real life. All of my "friends" are people I've met online and talk to almost daily

Which probably explains why I feel depressive and wanna commit sudoku

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